Introducing Alfresco Strategic Services

Blog Post created by nmcminn-alfresco Employee on Nov 7, 2017

Alfresco's Customer Success team is always looking for ways to better serve our customers.  Sometimes this takes the form of improved processes in support, or implementing 360 degree views of customers for our CSMs, or improving the way we capture and manage best practices for our knowledgebase.  Sometimes this means taking entire teams and realigning them to better match what our customers are telling us that they need. 


Within Alfresco's Customer Success group, we have two teams that provide support and services that go beyond what comes with our primary support:  Alfresco Premier Services and Alfresco Consulting.  Not surprisingly, these two teams often work hand in hand.  Premier Services may work with a customer on an issue until it becomes clear that the business solution will require an extension, and then help the customer to engage Alfresco consulting to get it done.  Conversely, our consulting team provides solutions that affect the recommendations and troubleshooting steps that our support teams will take when working with a customer on subsequent questions.  When we look at the way these two teams work and what they do for our customers, it makes a lot of sense to pull them under the same roof.


Alfresco's Strategic Services organization was created for just that purpose, marrying the best of our elevated operational support offerings with our skilled and seasoned consulting team.  We have already started reimagining parts of our delivery and establishing new processes and procedures for internal knowledge sharing and capture.  In the coming weeks we will be focused on improving our ability to seamlessly move work across the team to make sure the right people have eyes on the right things at the right time.  It's an exciting time for services at Alfresco!