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now i have an alfresco community edition and i want to integrate the autocad connector with it , what the best solution ??
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Click to view contentHello, I am a beginner of alfresco. I would need to display when creating a data list the user who creates it and the user who is editing. I made the changes in the share-config-custom.xml file by adding these directives:   <config condition="btc:projectListItem" evaluator="model-type"> <forms> <!-- Create item form --> <form>… (Show more)
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I need to set a property after recovering a node from the trashcan. What is the best way to do this? Now I am thinking about using a trigger. Could you tell me how to implement a trigger to restore the object from the trashcan? I chose  onCreateNode from the list (
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Hello, I am uploading a file in a usertask form. I want to know how to retrieve that file in a servicetask; specifically in the execute method of the class that implements JavaDelegate. When I try to access the variable through execution.getVariables("field_file_id"); I get a nullvalue. I am using activiti 6 I appreciate any help you could provide… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHi,   I like to receive Alfresco Community email notifications, but as there are many messages a day, I prefer a daily summmary.   But when I switch the Inbox Notifications to "Daily summary" in "Preferences" page, I do not receive any more emails (it works with "All activity" option).   It used to work when the community was launched, but no… (Show more)
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If you're not receiving points for activities in the community, please let me know. I've got this question attached to a quest, so we can test and see if you're earning points. 
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Hi team,   I was working on deployment using docker and using Kubernetes and Helm but now today i tried to access but getting unauthorized.   Can you please help as i was in mid of instructions and getting it on my local. 
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