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Alfresco » Admin Tools    StatusLast job failed. Job started: Fri 21 Jun 2019 10:51:04 Ended: Fri 21 Jun 2019 10:51:04 05210018 Error executing transfer - 05210016 Received unsuccessful response code from target server: begin, 404 An above mention error message appeared while replication alfresco file content to another host alfresco… (Show more)
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Hi Alfresco's friends, We want to give administrator permissions to a group (different to ALFRESCO_ADMINISTRATORS) so that its members can visualize and use the administration tools. This is possible??   Thanks.
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Hello everyone,   I'm using Alfresco Community 5.2  And i've defined 150 categories. When I try to attach one category to a document, the category list show only the first 100 categories. Is there a way to extend the limit in order to see all the categories displayed?   Thanks you
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Hi: I am new to alfresco community. I followed official documentation to deploy alfresco but failed many times. The link is  This is for installing additional software for Alfresco Content Services.  I followed the doc to install LibreOffice,ImageMagick and alfresco-pdf-renderer but… (Show more)
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Bonjour à tous J'ai installé Alfresco-community 5.2.0, ça fonctionne bien. 1) Mes Fichiers ou Fichiers partagés ==> "Documents" ==> "Modifiés par moi" cette view est vide alors que les utilisateurs modifient bien les documents. 2) Dans le tableau de bord, la view "Mes documents" ==>"Récemment modifiés par moi" affiche tous les documents… (Show more)
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Pessoal acabei de ingressar no mundo do Alfresco! Estou com o cenário onde crio um fluxo para um documento, de revisar e aprovar, faço a inclusao dos usuarios em aprovadores, dai é enviado o e-mail de notificação a todos envolvidos, processo como ocorre hoje comigo; porem preciso que seja criado uma ordem nesse fluxo, onde insiro os usuarios e o… (Show more)
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I need to start new workflow when one of the custom properties of existing document is changed.    Is there any way to execute server-side javascript when editing metadata and how I can get which property changed.
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Click to view contentWhen I try to login to my Activiti Cloud Modeler, I get error "You've entered an unknown username or password". Please suggest what is wrong here. I have followed the steps mentioned for GKS: Getting Started - Activiti Cloud - Activiti & Activiti Cloud Developers Guide     This is my URL:  … (Show more)
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For the PDF downloaded from Alfresco web through "offline edit" and being opened in Foxit PhantomPDF PDF program, what information Foxit PhantomPDF could use and coding to recognize that this PDF is opened from Alfresco web and how to know its location within the repository? Thanks.
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