How to say "Thank You" in the Community

Blog Post created by kgastaldo Employee on Oct 18, 2016

Every day, hundreds of comments are posted here in the community. Community members and Alfresco employees are chiming in, hoping to help with your questions. If you'd like to say thank you, there are a handful of ways to do that.


1. Mark their answer correct.




If you post a question and someone gives an answer that solves your problem, be sure to mark the Correct Answer option. This will help other members find the correct response faster and award points to the person who posted the correct response.


2. Like their reply or mark as helpful.


If you were looking for an opinion, maybe "correct answer" doesn't quite work for you. You still have the option to thank others for their replies by marking them as Helpful or Liking them. Users receive points for these actions as well.




3. Give them a badge.


There are several badges available for you to give your fellow community members. From the member's profile, select Give Badge from the Action menu:




Choose the most appropriate here:


Select Badge.png


You can write a little note and award the member some of your points for their contribution, if you'd like:




You can also do this directly in a reply. When you @mention someone, you'll see the Give Badge option by their name. The only downside here is that the option to give points isn't available:




Let me know if you have any questions using these functions!