Marking Content as Helpful or Correct

Blog Post created by kgastaldo Employee on Nov 16, 2016

One of the really useful features in our new community is the ability to mark content as helpful or correct. You'll be able to let other members know if their suggestion answered your question or let us know if a resource is helpful (or unhelpful). 


Mark Documents as Helpful or Not Helpful


If you're ever checking out the documents section, you should see this option at the bottom:


If you select either of these, it's beneficial. Selecting Helpful will push these docs up in search results. Selecting Not Helpful will let us know which docs need to be updated/improved. 


Mark Replies as Correct 


Anytime you ask a question, you'll see the option to mark a response as correct with this option:



If you mark a reply as correct, other members will be able to tell which topics are resolved - and where they may be able to find questions with valid solutions. A question that has a correct answer will appear with a check mark in the search results:



Be sure to take advantage of these features so we can keep all the community content as useful as possible!