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I am trying to get datalist value in my adf application and i can use GETmethod properly but at one place i need to call POST method so how can i call post method with body?   Below way I am using GET method. this.alfrescoJsApi.core.webscriptApi.executeWebScript('GET',… (Show more)
I have created and application in ADF can anyone suggest how can I use it in my community edition 5.2
Click to view contentI am using ADF 2.6.0.    I have added facets for custom properties which has multiple values by adding those properties to the app.config.json file. I have found an issue with the search filter.    Steps to reproduce:  1. Create a custom property in an Aspect to store multiple values.  2. Apply that Aspect to 2 different document (car.txt and… (Show more)
Do examples exist for Angular 6 httpClient posting a query to:   /alfresco/api/-default-/public/search/versions/1 
We have built our ADF app on 2.3 version and as a starting point, we downloaded ADF alfresco-content-app from   Then we started building our custom components on the top of the alfresco-content-app and custom components are dependent on components and services comes with alfresco-content-app.  … (Show more)
A journey through the complete Alfresco Suite of Products   Following DevCon 2018 day 0 success we are pleased to announce that on Day 0 of DevCon 2019 (29th Jan 2019) our team of Alfresco experts will take you through Alfresco ACS to APS   Introducing Docker Deployment Platform extensions (Webscripts) Search and Insight Services ACS Admin… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello. Trying to modify propertie from document detail from adf-info-drawer-tab I get this error:   I get the same error when trying to delete an uploaded document.   the upload works fine, the folder don't have any permission set. The problem seems to show up only in browsers different from Firefox The ADF version is the 2.5.0   In… (Show more)
Hi everyone   I would like to make an application that allows uploading files(.pdf files). The file should not actually be uploaded(if not possible it's not a problem) but a hash should be made of the .pdf file. This hash is then saved somewhere. Then there should be another page or just a button. This button also uploads a .pdf file and hashes… (Show more)
Hi all,   I installed ADF 2.6.1 and getting login issue when i try to login using admin/admin   I am getting this error You've entered an unknown username or password   Can anyone help - looks like some config issue.
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