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I just began to use ADF. I want to use login function following this: . but when I pushed login-button, a loading was shown.   I use only process service(BPM). I want to use the BPM login function.   how do I implement login function?   ----------login.compornent.ts---------- import… (Show more)
We use Apache mod_auth_cas with Alfresco 5.2.3 and Apereo CAS 5.2.4. This works very well and was straightforward to setup. We have now built an ADF 2.6.1 application and are unsure about whether the process we are following to include our application in the CAS authentication is correct. We are doing the following: Configure our CAS server to… (Show more)
Has anyone experience with ADF on an ACS cluster? We are considering a cluster (2 ACS instances) for redundancy with NetScaler as Traffic shaper/Load balancer.
Hi, I've just downloaded Alfresco Content Services Community Edition 6.0 - General Release: 201806 (Docker Version) and I have a few questions regarding Alfresco 6 and Acitiviti Integration.   1) Is it possible to use Acitviti Modeler to create a BPMN model with forms and deploy it to ACS 6? Is there any documentation on it? 2) Where can I… (Show more)
Hello! I'm using ADF alfresco content app(cloned from github in one tutorial), because it is good basic application for development ADF app for Alfresco Content Services. But now I need to use both Process and Content Services on ADF, like in application generated by Yeoman. I'm not an advanced user of Angular, so, my question is how to… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi, I am trying to install the ADF generator in NPM using the following command:  npm install -g generator-alfresco-adf-app@latest   But I am getting the following error:      I have the feeling it has something to do with the python 2.7 syntax and that I have install python 3.6.  Can you tell me how to solve the error and installing the… (Show more)
Hello,   I am running my ADF 2.5.0 application on server with ACS and APS. Now, I would like to have SSO integration with my ADF application. As soon as user try to access ADF, there should be my organization's Login page in which user fills their SSO credentials. My organization is having OpenID for SSO. After successful login, ADF home page… (Show more)
I'm running through the ADF tutorial on Windows 10 and have come across a couple of hiccups. I'm using Node 10 and found deasync@0.1.12 didn't install so I had to switch back to Node 9. Now when I'm trying to extend the login component its not working right. I suspect this might be because I have Angular 7 installed but I don't want to downgrade… (Show more)
I'll apologize for the cheesy pun, but it seemed like a good day to ask for some feedback from you. What would you LOVE to see from Alfresco this year? Ole Hejlskov and I are making our "what we'd like to get accomplished this year for community" list, so please share your thoughts with us!   Are you interested in:   More Live Online Events -… (Show more)
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