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Hi,   Is that possible to store any data in Alfresco ADF ? After some research, I can't find doc about creating new table in Alfreco db, or to connect Alfresco to another database. I find some stuff about MyBatis but no doc on how to use it with Alfresco.   Any idea ?   Thanks
I'm trying to get the libreoffice online edit window to either close when the close window button is pressed, or alternatively, open in a new tab/window.   To achieve the latter I need to change the 'target="_self"' to 'target="_blank"' in the html below. The problem is that I can't find this html in the source - I assume it's generated… (Show more)
Hello!   I think I managed to go through the CORS problems I've been having for a quite some time.   I'm trying to use Angular's HttpClient. I've builed simple xml file using xmlBuilder in the typescript - and I would like to post it to the desired subfolder using Alfresco API. I've been trying to use that kind of snippet to post it but I'm… (Show more)
Hi,   I have an existing application (angular 7 apps) which has few pages,  now I want to integrate alfresco ADF component into that angular existing code.    I am planning to try the below way. Please correct if I am doing wrong as I am a newbie to ADF.   1. In angular application, a button is clicked I have to call one ADF process name… (Show more)
I have read document from here Form field component - Alfresco Builder Network  but There is no document for how to pass Field data.
Hi, I have created one angular component that is responsible to download the document from alfresco. I have used FileSaver.js library to save the blob object data in a file with the extension but the same component isn't working in iOS mobile browser. Below is the API that I have used to get the document based on node id:… (Show more)
Hi,   I'm using the ADF-Framework and an Angular app with Typescript for my application.   I want to get nodes via the REST API and the request works flawlessly with Postman. However with Postman I have this extra authorization field I don't have in Typescript. If I add a Header in my code for the request called Authorization with the value… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello,   Can't find a way to load labels. They all disappeared...   Thanks
Hello,   I need to create dropdown functionality, when I click on folder in document list I want to show dropdown under the clicked folder with content of the folder. I want it show like in attached picture. I looked in documentation for Document List Component but I can't find anything. How can I add this feature? Is is possible?   SEE ATTACHED… (Show more)
Hello!   I am complete newbie if it comes to, not only Alfresco, but web-developing in general. What I want to achive is to use this tutorial: Creating your first ADF app - Alfresco Builder Network - to generate an example ADF app - wich I did. The next thing I would like to do is put this app into Tomcat (wich I beleive is installed since I… (Show more)
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