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Hi All, In ADF, how can I set a restrict for users from remote locations shall have access to the content based on their location. (Example: New York group users shall have access to the New York Released Documents). I do not find where to add this constrains, please help me.
Hi Guys,   I am calling a webscript (action-execution) which requires me to pass a list of params in the body of the Post.  When I try to pass an array of strings I get the below error.   Also see code below.   Therefore, what is the correct way to pass an array of strings in the body of webscript call so that they are serialised into an array… (Show more)
Hi Guys,   Is there a way to call a custom Repo Action from an ADF component.    I have a datatable that shows custom data for each data table row.  I have configured actions for each row in the table.  The action when clicked collects some form data (via a dialog) and then emits the collected data to the container component.  The container… (Show more)
Hi, I am trying to get the users Role in the Site/Library when browsing the document library.  I want to hide actions based upon their role.  I see there is a Library module and a SiteEntry which may contain what I need, however I am not sure how to access these values from a custom evaluator.   Has anyone had a similar need to do something like… (Show more)
hello everyone. I just got to know about alfresco and with its being so complicated am not very sure where to start. I want to set up a developer environment in my laptop but as stated i dont have an idea where i have to start. Help me out kindly
Hi!   Junior developer asking again, I know a path for example "/Company_Home/ADF/Final_Destination.   How can I get the nodeId for that path in Typescript/ Javascript? I think I found the solution one time when I was googling but now I'm unable to find the solution.   Thanks for the assistance already!
Hello I want to search in Sites folder and I have tried to make my custom Query, but it is not working. I am sure I am doing something wrong , but I do not know what:( I attached the query builder, can anyone help me with that? public generateQueryBody(searchTerm: string, maxResults: number, skipCount: number): QueryBody { const… (Show more)
Hello,  I am having the multiselect property set to true, everything works fine until I am checking and then unchecking all the rows. I am receiving an error when I uncheck the rows, Could you please help me? I attached the error I receive. Thank you:)
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