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First of all, if you never been in Lisbon go and visit it!


This is not a wrap up for the Devcon 2018, so I will be short on this topic: great community energy, amazing food, amazing people, amazing city, amazing weather, amazing talks and amazing organization!


My favourite things on this trip


Here you can find my slides


All the code from my Unified Javascript API talk


My favourite talks


Post Devcon conversation

For me, the best part of the Alfresco Devcon 2018 is the conversation that started after the conference and triggered by the following tweet made by Jeff Potts.


I agree with him on the idea of coming all together to build a new and better application based on ADF, and I hope the content app could be a good base to start from


On this matter, we had Bindu kicking off the conversation on the Content app with this list of requirements


I personally invite everyone to join the conversation on GitHub and the community site.
In this phase, ideas and contributions are fundamental and most welcome because we are already discussing it and identifying which points can be covered by Alfresco engineers and on which points we are going to need the help of the community in order to achieve it.


Why do we need a new app?

  • Front end development has changed since Share was created and developing applications on top of Aikau and Surf requires different skills and tooling from modern web applications.
  • Using more recent technologies with wide adoption makes it easier to find people skilled in them, will help grow our community, and will incentivize collaboration across communities with the exchange of ideas and solutions.
  • Today extension and software update model are too complicated.
  • Accelerate time to value.


My proposal to collaborate on the content app (I'm happy to discuss it and improve with any advice)

  • Phase 1 - Submit proposals
  • Phase 2 - Internal review proposals in Alfresco
  • Phase 3 - Review proposals with the community
  • Phase 4 - PoC and investigating different ways of approaching extensibility in collaboration with the community


Is quite likely that as Alfresco we will not be able to cover all the requests from the community and we are going to need your help to achieve it, this doesn't mean that we will leave the community alone on these points, we will have Alfresco engineers supporting the community to achieve these goals.


If you have any idea on how to improve this proposal please feel free to comment.