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Greetings to All, Anyone know how to get  taskService service reference in a class that implements the  TaskListener to create an attachment.   If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciate.
Hi,   We are getting below error while complete task in workflow task not found in act_ru_task table nut it is there in table. can anybody suggest me or give some solution to resolve it?   org.activiti.engine.ActivitiObjectNotFoundException: Cannot find task with id 33832925 at… (Show more)
Click to view contentI want to assigned the current step rejected task to the previous assigned user that was worked on this task using custom task listener.   This is the workflow that depict the problem situation. Whenever any task is rejected in "QC" step, I want the rejected task must be assigned automatically to previous assigned user who worked on… (Show more)
I'm using activiti 6 and my process has sub processes. So i create a xml using subProcess  element. I thought activiti generate a another proc_incinst id for each sub processes. Is there way to combine two process using super_process_instance_id_ ?
Is there any way to check in Activiti (5.22 or higher) if process instance was terminated, or cancelled or just completed? Only checking if process has ended is not much, I want to distinguish terminate, cancel and complete actions.
I tried to install Activiti plugin in Eclipse with reference of the below link. Installing Activiti designer | Alfresco Documentation. i am getting error below like this. "Unable to read repository at Unable to read repository at hostname in… (Show more)
Hello,  I am using Alfresco community edition 6.0 in a docker container. I would like to establish a way that a user could log onto alfresco navigate to their site click on a like that brings them to a form page to fill out something like a travel request. This travel request then is sent along for the appropriate approvals and saved in an… (Show more)
I have downloaded activiti community edition and I wanted to create API with Eclipse Java EE and I'm using PostgreSQL database connection. So how would I interface ?
Click to view contentHi everyone, I am happy to announce that Activiti Core & Activiti Cloud Beta3 artifacts had been released. This is our first 2 weeks release sprint where we focused on closing some important issues. You can find the full list here:  These release moved us one step forward to work on tasks… (Show more)
Click to view contentLast week we worked quite hard to close some critical issues to be able to release Beta3, which is now work in progress. You can find the issues that we manage to close here: Most of the work that we are planning for Beta4 is about Conformance Tests, Acceptance Tests and automation to… (Show more)
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