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I use Spring boot 2.0.1.RELEASE with Activiti  5.22.0 and write a init method in start application:   @Bean CommandLineRunner init(final RepositoryService repositoryService, final RuntimeService runtimeService, final TaskService taskService) {    return new CommandLineRunner() {       public void run(String... strings) throws Exception {… (Show more)
Hi, We are trying to delete tasks from runtime tables. Act_ru_task, execution and act_ru_variable tables. We want to be able to leave the process definition as is. We havr about 70000 tasks that we want to delete.   We tried the following options 1. Delete deployment API. This API is running for more than 3 hrs. We see a lot of exceptions. As… (Show more)
Hi Team   I am using activiti in my spring web application.   After completion of parallel tasks, rejection path will take only when condition is true. but after completion of parallel tasks both paths are executed. please let me know how to solve this?   Thanks
Hi Team,   I am using activiti in my spring web application. How can i set the loop cardinality dynamically?     Thanks
Mauricio Salatino   Hi I am new to Activiti Framework, Can someone please give information on how can we do exception handling in activiti v6.0.0 . Please attach a sample bpmn xml file with exception as a service task, and also the exception class(java code) if possible.   I found this while searching for info on exception handling, but this… (Show more)
Hello,   I have created simple stencil with text box for an example. here i am facing some problem like if i have entered any value for the stencil text box the value is not getting stored in database, after completing of the task that value will not be present.   Here I have attached the my app, kindly anyone help me out in this regard.  … (Show more)
Hello ,     Please, who already worked with activiti-rest and who has devlop function that deploys the process !! he shows it to me.   thank you.
Hi, I am using Activti version 6.0.0. I want synchronous executions of task in activiti,but I have a long running task which might take 20 minutes to execute. I wanted to get process instance id quickly in my controller without considering completion of task in bpmn,so I added a intermediate timer event of "0 minute" in my bpmn file.   I  have… (Show more)
Hi Team,   I am using activiti in my spring web application. I was defined one process as follows, Here i was defined parallel tasks are three. But in my scenario, it may be one or more parallel tasks then please let me know how can i define the diagram? Please help me out this?   Thanks
Hi, I need to write a testcase to test an asynchronous process mocking some of the service tasks in it. I am able to mock by extending from ActivitiTestCase class but the process doesnt wait until all jobs are done. And I am able to test async process with the help of PluggableActivitiTestCase class but in this case, I am unable to mock a service… (Show more)
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