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When sending mail using Mail task ,setting From as: but, received mail shows it came from username which we set in activiti config to set up mail configuration instead of showing the custom 'From' value that was set on Mail task.
I have Alfresco Community Edition, access to my Activiti-app and Activiti-admin sites in my localhost system, I don't have any information about have to install Activiti Explorer. I have Activiti 6 and need to use Explorer to demo my bpm. Please advise. Thank you.
Activiti version: Activiti-5.15 Tomcat: 7.0.42 Hi all, I need to retrieve user email in 'Email Task' in bpmn process to forward email to given user id entered in initial form. I wonder what is best practice to do in bpmn file and how to do it? We are evaluating Activiti as process engine for our coming project. I am able to run bpmn process… (Show more)
Hello, I work on Activiti 6, but I notice in this last one missing some stencils present in the new version of Alfresco process services. Such as : - Date and hour - Semi-automatic entry - Amount - Dynamic table - Hyperlink - Attach a file - Attach a folder - Show value   Especially, the stencil "show value" otherwise how to retrieve the… (Show more)
Hi I am starting a PoC on Activiti BPM.   I have requirement of a  task moving to different user . My Question is , how do i present my entity related data to each user level ?because activiti creates everything as Task and then i have to populate for data to present data to user. Is there any other way to (like my entity inherit activiti… (Show more)
Hello All   Is there any documentation about the API of the parameters passed to the extension functions described here: Start and task form customization | Alfresco Documentation  like formRendered(), etc?   I can stop execution end examine for example the scope object, and see lots of properties and methods but so far the only way I have found… (Show more)
How to insert CREATION_TIME_ in ACT_TU_TASK table such that milliseconds are captured whenever a task is created in activiti BPM? Please note that the database is MSSQL Server 2008 and the timestamp inserted in CREATION_TIME_ column is in 2017-11-02 20:37:30 format but the actual requirement is to insert in 2017-08-09 15:34:34.3730000 format
Hello, I would like to know how I can handle errors of a "REST call task" in Activiti Suite >= 1.4.4?  Can I use a "Boundary error event" for this? If yes: What would I need to enter in the "Error reference" field for catching a 404 or 500 error? Thank you very much for any info!
I have a Flowable process that is running but it is not shown in any interface. Information about the process is shown only when a process completes. It would be very useful to display information about running processes. In fact, there is a tab „running“ under „PROCESS STATE“ but when selected it does not show running processes. Could that be… (Show more)
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