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Hello,   I have noticed that the async task executor can be enhanced by removing some thread sleep in class like AcquireAsyncJobsDueRunnable or AcquireTimerJobsRunnable.   I have already submit this enhancement some times ago (activiti version 5.0.17.), I use to test with the protocol described in this post… (Show more)
Working on the requirement where depending upon the document status from the user task i am triggering mail on document sttaus pending or ending the flow when status is completed.After triggering the mail timer is triggered where it has to wait for certain time and then once again document status user task check will be performed.So the loop will… (Show more)
Hi all,   Problem : Recently when we started doing load testing we encountered a lot of activiti optimistic exceptions and deadlock exceptions.   Configuration : We are using Activiti 5.19 for managing our workflows. We have very large running processes which take 6 hours. We have multiple nodes (4) behind our load balancer. We have one job… (Show more)
Hi!,   I configured a Call Alfresco Action with Action Script, but I don't know how as assign node to Content field. I not need use Form with attach file.   In parameter Script-ref I set node string reference but in Content field I don't know.   If I config with a form with a attach field (fileattach) and set in Content field (in Call Alfresco… (Show more)
Hi, I'm using 2 servers that is instaled postgresql and, I'd like to backup only process definition from one server and then restore to the other server. Please tell me how I can achieve that. Is that OK to export (get dump) and import below tables? ACT_GE_BYTEARRAY ACT_RE_DEPLOYMENT ACT_RE_MODEL ACT_RE_PROCDEF
Hi Community. In my Activiti BPM process i have a Service Task to retrieve the information that i would use to build the Enum Form property in the next User Task activity as depicted in the image below. Then in the Java class bound to the "Retrieve the Type of Device..." Service Task i need to retrieve the types of device and build the enum… (Show more)
I am using Activiti 5.21.0 and I have a requirement like get task count which are assigned to an User or Assigned groups which are associated to that User.  TaskQuery taskQuery = taskService.createTaskQuery() .or().taskCandidateGroupIn(assigneeGroupIds).taskUnassigned().endOr().taskAssignee("xprk911").active().count(); TaskQuery converted into… (Show more)
Hi!   I have Alfresco One 5.1.1 and Activiti 1.5.0, but not working, I configured Alfresco in 9080 port and Activiti in 8080 port, my Activiti configuration is correct and Alfresco work fine!   My test process is very simple, only startEvent, Publish to Alfresco Task and endEvent, I read the sites but in next step is frozen...   Process: Steps in… (Show more)
Hi!   Where are a document or link for upgrade from Activiti 1.5/1.6 to Alfresco Process Services 1.7?   Exist information over this?   Best regards.
I'm very new to Activiti. I'm using version 6.0.0. I have the bpmn process which has multiple wait states. All the service tasks has been made asynchronous so that the order can continue from the failed task, it doesn't have to rolloback entire transaction to the previous wait state. I have to write an API which takes the process instance ID as an… (Show more)
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