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Hi All, I am using spring boot activiti integartion in my app. I am facing a problem. I want the activiti table names to be created in lowercase by default. Is there any configuration way to make this happen?    I have tried using ImprovedNamingStrategy of hibernate to achieve this only to realize that activiti is using lower level DB… (Show more)
Hello, I need to convert the document to pdf after the Alfresco workflow approval process. I understand that I need to create a rule on the folder ("convert in pdf the document when it is approved"...) but I do not understand which criteria and what value to use. (maybe bpm: outcome ????) Can someone help me? Thank you!
(activiti 6) Exception while initializing process engine: Error while building ibatis SqlSessionFactory: Error parsing SQL Mapper Configuration. Cause: org.apache.ibatis.builder.BuilderException: Error creating document instance.  Cause: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 979; columnNumber: 24; 元素类型为 "when" 的内容必须匹配… (Show more)
Hello,   I have assigned user task to multiple users using candidate user but only one user can claim the task, why multiple user cannot claim? If that option is available can anyone provide me link?   Thanks Amruta Wandakar
Hi,   I am trying with multi instance in parallel.   I have employee collection and I need to iterate through it to calculate some payroll data for every employee. So I have created subprocess and passing this employee collection as in parameter.     What I am expecting is to execute the flow (loop) for each employee concurrently.  How should… (Show more)
I'm interested in running either the explorer from activiti 5 or the kickstart app from activiti 6 within my spring project, so that I can utilize the BPMN editing UI to modify/create processes that the activiti engine will leverage in my application. I'm confused as to how to do this. I've only be successful in running the kickstart app by… (Show more)
Hi,   I am currently playing around with custom service tasks to get a better overview in my process flow. Is there a possibility to change the default (yellow) colour of the service tasks? It would be nice to have different colors for my custom taks.   Thanks
Attempting to migrate to v6 but I'm finding that the DelegateExecution class removed the method getCurrentActivityName(). Why is this the case, and is there another way I can achieve this functionality?   For reference: DelegateExecution (Activiti - Engine 5.22.0 API)  DelegateExecution (Activiti - Engine 6.0.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT API) … (Show more)
Last week, the whole team spent a lot of time making sure that the code and projects are well organized under a whole new set of repositories. You can find all the new repositories under the organization. A blog post will follow next explaining the changes and additions to our projects. I recommend to our community members to… (Show more)
After a week of moving things around, we are reaching a point where we can share the new structure of our projects and repositories. The changes introduced highlight the different nature of each of these projects and how are they going to be used and consumed. The changes are now considered stable and unless we find very good reason for a new… (Show more)
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