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Hi All, I have a requirement which requires an attachment in the email, is there any way to add attachment using email task. Can anyone  suggest me, how to achieve this requirement.
Hi there,   I am struck while trying to pass a file from super process to sub process.   I looked at the below example by Ciju, but I dont think the RelatedContentRepository which was autowired is available now in the latest version of APS.   activiti-examples/activiti-copy-attachments-from-parent-process at master ·… (Show more)
Hi, I am downloading Spring boot backed Application from Following Location.And when i Start Application start it. But,When i Call from Angler context its give me error like  "Must set 'realm' in config" .Please suggest the way to configure Activiti 7 without any Authentication run easily.   Spring backend Apllication Download Location… (Show more)
I have process defined as a BPM model. It has 2 tasks defined in sequential manner. When first completes, second taks is created.   Now I have to make a change in this setup, which would make sure that second task is created only when certain conditions are met.   I have decided to use decision table to achieve this. So I plan to introduce a… (Show more)
 Activiti 7 run without Authentication.It is Possible?? and how?? Please suggest some configuration so we can configure it.
Hi Team,   We are using activitie version 5.14 and storing the data in external oracle database. And having data since 2013 in all activiti  tables. Could some one please tell me how to delete the data older than six months as occupying more space. Normally we don't touch database for any operations and just checkong process  status and… (Show more)
Hello,   I am very new to Alfresco Process Services and hence request your help. My scenario is this:  I have a booking process. The process will be instantiated when an external publisher makes a REST invocation by passing 3 parameters.  How may I implement this requirement? Thanks.
I was wondering if there is a way of using a webhook to start a process in Process Services from an external app/system? I have a very simple process that starts, sends an email to alert me that it has started, and then ends. What I was hoping to achieve was the ability to start this process from an external app (using a webhook), the process runs… (Show more)
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