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Last week we started with a major clean up in our repositories to better decouple each project responsibility. This will enable us to build and version each module individually to allow faster development cycles. This week we will be setting up these pipelines to test the whole process for our libraries first followed by our service layer. We are… (Show more)
Hi Team,we are using Activiti 5.14 version and strong data in external oracle database and having below problem from long back. Problem: we are creating variables and storing in process context object and àccess those variables in BPMN diagram as per the business requirement. We have around 15 products and each have different BPMN work flow… (Show more)
Hi All,   There is one urgent issue.. I am trying to hit the Activiti REST call to start the Process Instance. When I hit the Process Instance, it shows that the instance is created and task is assigned to next user. But No form is displayed and it shows error in the page as below.   Could someone help me on this?   My Input  {… (Show more)
Hi ,  I need to stop a process that has done for three times  After that it doesn't run again and show an error or something like that  Is there a way to do something like that ? Thanks ,  Roxanne
Hi guys, I'm bulding a workflow using Activiti App (6.0) with a custo Forms, in my form a have a "Upload" item. I Started my flow and attached a file ("Pedido de venda.pdf") using upload buttom "File Related": The file attached in start step not visible im my flow or next tasks:   What happened? How activiti store content related ? Is it a… (Show more)
    Hi, I was using activiti v5.19.0.2 and upgraded to v6.0.0 and started encountering 401 unauthorized error when hitting REST API's through postman. So, I downgraded back to v5 and it worked.   I have used all the possible matches for v6. - admin/admin - admin/test   Any Solution to this would be appreciated
Hello,   I have a form in which I want to have number field and that should be auto increment. Is there any way to achieve this ?   Thanks & Regards, Shilpa V Kulkarni
Hi , I need some help I want to define a Variable that every time that one process is done , it pluses by one. For example if i done the task for three time the variable become 3 . is there a way to do something like that ? Thanks , Roxanne
Hello, i have a question about the "Generate Document Task" in Alfresco Activiti Suite 1.4: is there any info on how to list entries of a dynamic table with a MS Word template? <<[myTable]>> is printing the contents of the table as a json string and i cannot use <<foreach [in myTable]>> to iterate of the table entries. The dynamic table was… (Show more)
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