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Hi. Is there a variable I can use that holds the process instance id that I can pass during runtime to a rest call in the payload ?   Like this {  "itemkey": "${id}" }
Hi,   We have task form where user will see a drop down called lead groups. This drop down will show all the lead groups (lead admin, lead office, lead employee, etc).   Below that we have 10 check boxes that are also a individual groups. User can choose 1 lead group from the dropdown and choose as many as the other groups by ticking the check… (Show more)
Click to view contentI am happy to announce the first milestone of Activiti Cloud 7.1.0 release train. For 7.1.0 we are focused on adding more support for BPMN elements and maturing each component to provide more features.We want to make sure that people creating applications with Activiti Cloud can test these applications in distributed environments in an intuitive… (Show more)
Hello all, I'm totally new to BPM. Trying to find an effective solution for the below question.Sorry if this is a repeated one. Question : what is the best way to pause the process bad then call them from another Rest service to resume based on a input ( order , payment , delivery model for instance ) I thought of using signals but I'm not sure… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello, I'm new to Alfresco and I'm trying to follow this tutorial for the ADF:   Under section 1.1.1 I have installed Alfresco process services and now I am trying to change the port number the tomcat server so activiti and… (Show more)
Hi all, i need to set the category property of a User Task at desing time, but in the eclipse plugin designer the properties of a UserTask are: Assignee, candidate users, candidate groups, formkey, due date and priority. There is no property category. Exists a way to assign a value to that property at design time? i tried with… (Show more)
Using the activiti-app (Kick Start), created a process. There is a Referenced Form on the Start Event, with a field 'Attach File'. How can I automatically upload an existing Alfresco Share document to this form when a third party application passing the nodeRef to the form using Activiti REST API? So the end result should be the same when… (Show more)
Is it recommended to keep business data as process variables?  Or we should have only activiti workflow related data in as process variables?   How do we pass business variables throughout the flow if they are not supposed to be stored as process variables?
I am using activiti-spring-boot-starter-basic version 5.22.0. I Have two enpoints in my controller. 1: Initializes a user task and goes into a wait state. 2: completes the user task. I have stored a serializable object before creating a user task in the 1st endpoint and stored it as a process instance variable. When I am trying to retain the… (Show more)
Click to view contentI am using Activiti as part of WSO2. I followed this tutorial I can deploy a test process without a mail task and all works 100% until I add a MailTask. As soon as I add the mail task the bar file will not deploy and I get error. If I look in the log I don't see an error that explains… (Show more)
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