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Click to view contentHello, From one user task i'm invoking a second one. The problem is that the error  This task is unassigned;  A form could not be found, has an 'itemKind' and 'itemId' been provided? comes up.  And in alfresco share below a task there is a black "UNASSIGED" message. What does it mean? Anyone has faced it and knows how to fix it?        … (Show more)
Hi,  I am using Alfresco One Enterprise with activiti. I created and published a couple of activity apps.  The apps includes some processes with javascript actions. When I started an instance of the processes I figured out that there are some errors in the scripts so I corrected the processes published the apps and started new instance and they… (Show more)
I am building out a workflow where the user can select multiple groups of people for a later Mail Task process.  I need to convert the Group of People to a collection of email addresses and preferably via a Script Task listener in either javascript or groovy.   Does anyone have any pointers on how to do this?   Thanks, Colin.
Hi All,   Can anyone tell me (or point me to any docs/samples) on how to create a custom field type that stores non-primitive/complex data? I'm using APS 1.8.1 and want to store an array of values in my custom field (multi-item select for users and groups). In the stencil editor I left the Field value property and Field value type as value and… (Show more)
Click to view contentHello,   I need to send a task reminder email notification on each task in my workflow. Right now I am thinking to put Timer Task on each User Task and have a Service Task attached to it.    My question is, how can I get the candidate group of the User Task (Step 1) in the Send an Email Service Task??   Thank you
Hi, I am using Activiti Explorer 5.22.0. I am logged in as KERMIT and I am trying to assign a task to another user GONZO. But the list of other users in the system are not getting displayed. The "Select myself" button is working but I want to assign this task to another user. Can someone please give me directions what I am missing here?
Hello, Thanks to the awesome Jeff Potts's tutorials i managed to create a simple workflow which starts when content is added to Draft folder and moves added document to Approved or Rejected folders accordingly to user task output. Unfortunatelly, it throws an error and says that the 'document' is not found.   I'm using the newest version of… (Show more)
Hi, parallel getaway have some random behavior. please find my workflow design below. In this scenario some times its work and some times it fails. i cant understand why its happen all node and database entry was also same.
Hello, I have a requirement where I have to run a BPM process in a multi-threaded fashion. I have tried different approaches namely setting async = true and exclusive = false.   What I am trying to achieve?  1. I have a leave application process with multiple steps which involves service tasks ( approx 10 ) 2. When we try to initiate a process… (Show more)
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