Integrating Alfresco Process Services with Amazon SQS and Apache ActiveMQ

Blog Post created by cjose Employee on May 23, 2017

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Apache ActiveMQ ™ are two popular messaging systems/platforms out there. Alfresco Process Services powered by Activiti (APS) can be integrated with these systems in a few different ways. Some of the available options are:

  • Custom extension projects built using Spring libraries
  • Using Apache Camel Component in APS
  • Using Mule Component in APS


To demonstrate the first option mentioned above, I built a couple of very simple java projects (one for SQS and one for ActiveMQ). The idea of this blog is to point you to those examples. Since these example projects are really simple, I'll keep this blog really short.


The pattern is pretty much the same in both the examples, and is as given below:

  • Establish a connection with the respective messaging system from Alfresco Process Services
  • Listen to a SQS/MQ queue for new messages and start a process for every new message.
  • Send messages to SQS/MQ Queue during the process instance execution.


APS Integration with Amazon SQS

Source: GitHub: aps-aws-sqs-extension 


APS Integration with Apache ActiveMQ

Source: GitHub: aps-activemq-extension 

To try this out and for more details, please refer the README file available in the above mentioned projects.