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(08/01/18 - 15/01/18) Last week the team released 7-201712-EA - you can read about the 7-201712-EA release at


@constantin-ciobotaru finished modeling service for release and fixed bugs

@mteodori integrated dependency check from develop into 5.x and updated libraries with known vulnerabilities

@lucianoprea worked on making mongo default for Audit #1661, tested the examples after the release and start looking into finding a easy way to turn on debug logging in our apps #1678

@ffazzini continued working on AWS deployment, now having used helm to solve a problem of needing to use the dynamically-assigned AWS url at deploy time

@ryandawsonuk fixed a problem with connector transaction management (#1660), improved the performance of the trending topics twitter example (#1671 ) and managed the release process for 7-201712-EA

@erdemedeiros added the node id (‘id’ attribute fro BPMN file) to Integration Requests and Integration results ( Considered the different possibilities to improve the Integration Results delivery (


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The activiti team is happy to announce that Activiti & Activiti Cloud 7-201712-EA artifacts are out and we encourage people in the community to try them out.


For anybody looking to try out the new Activiti Cloud features in Activiti 7, the best place to start is GitHub - Activiti/activiti-cloud-examples: Activiti Cloud Examples using Docker Images from:…  or the gitbook Activiti 7 & Activiti Cloud Developers Guide · GitBook 


In the 7-201712-EA release we've added improvements to the way cloud connectors manage transactions, which improves their performance. We've added an example based around marketing campaigns for social media content in which you can see how well the connectors perform. The rate of data input and the number of replicas for cloud components in this example can be controlled in the deployment descriptor so that it's easy to play with these variables to test scalability. We'll be talking more about this example at Alfresco DevCon 2018.


We've also added process model and organisation services, which are preparations for future work that will support logical grouping and editing of BPM models/diagrams.


As part of this release we also aligned with Spring Boot 2.0.0.M7 and Spring Cloud Finchley.M5.


You can find our published artifacts in [Maven Central]
and our Docker Images have been tagged so you can use the 7-201712-EA tag for each of our images. You can find more details on
[Activiti in Docker Hub]


Ping us in Gitter if you want to contribute, give feedack, or if you need help reporting an issue:

(01/01/18 - 07/01/18) The team has been focusing on preparing for the next Early Access release and preparing our Trending Topics twitter example to be presented at DevCon. The work has helped us realise some significant improvements in memory profile and demonstrate Activiti Cloud’s scaling capabilities. We’re also working on improving our processes for end to end testing by devoting time to using a fully-featured hosted environment.


@constantin-ciobotaru worked on the integration of the new activiti-cloud-process-model-service and activiti-cloud-org-service to resolve some bugs in the way they interact

@lucianoprea worked on the activiti-cloud-modeling-backend in order to build an application using the activiti-cloud-process-model-service and activiti-cloud-org-service as dependencies and publish a docker image containing that application

@ffazzini created a kubernetes cluster running on alfresco aws, deployed and tested successfully activiti main components

@ryandawsonuk improved the memory profile of the components for the trending topics twitter example and applied this back to the other examples, now enabling us to run more replicas of services and process at a higher rate of tweets when running in minikube

@erdemedeiros updated Spring Boot Maven plugin to version 2.0.0.M7. Review and merging pending PRs. Start adding the flow node id (from the process definition) to the integration requests in order to improve the audit events.


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If you want to get started with Activiti Cloud visit our Gitbook:

(25/12/17 - 31/12/17) This week was Christmas and New Year so many of the Activiti team were on holiday. Those of the team who were around used the time to improve our examples of how to use Activiti Cloud and to make plans for areas to improve in the start of the new year. We also tried to keep chipping in to answer questions from the community, especially in the forums.

(18/12/17 - 24/12/17) We’ve been working hard to eat our own dogfood by fleshing out our Trending Topic Campaigns example to make it as realistic as possible and testing it at high volumes. This is helping us to refine the Activiti Cloud tooling and provide better guidance on how to use it.



@daisuke-yoshimoto worked through issues and forum questions, helping make progress on issues experienced in the community

@constantin-ciobotaru worked on building an executable for the Activiti Cloud Models module to run in a docker container

@mteodori addressed a vulnerability by removing an unnecessary xerces dep from v5

@lucianoprea worked on building an executable for the Activiti Cloud Organisation module to run in a docker container and flushed out some issues in our gitbook instructions

@ffazzini fix zipkin Boot M7 breaking changes, memory/performance optimisations for applications running on minikube

@balsarori offered advice to help resolve a key issue with the connector implementation

@ryandawsonuk did some refactoring of the trending  Trending Topic Campaigns example and integrated ELK into the example

@erdemedeiros did some code reviews and investigated a random failure around the connector examples. Will be on holidays next week.

@salaboy did some planning for work on the trending topics example and further work into next year as well preparing presentations


Ping us in Gitter if you want to contribute:

If you want to get started with Activiti Cloud visit our Gitbook: