Launching the Alfresco Community-Sourced Videos Program

Blog Post created by ahealey on Jun 14, 2017

Jeff Potts recently asked at Beecon "What can you do for this community?"


If you're looking to give back to the Alfresco community, then we have a way you can contribute...


We're launching a community-sourced videos program where you can share your expertise with everyone, by creating Alfresco video tutorials. We recognize that our users have years of expertise and experience, and many of you are already leading training sessions. So let's create some resources that you can share with your clients and the community at large.


Videos are one of the most popular aspects of the Alfresco User Assistance, with over ½ million views. Now we want your help to make our video offerings even better.


Alfresco videos


Our current videos are mainly focused at end-users (you can see them at Video tutorials | Alfresco Documentation), and for a while we’ve been thinking about the best approach to creating a set of administrator and developers videos. Having met so many talented Alfresco-enthusiasts at Beecon, we realized that it was the folks who are developing with Alfresco every day who know which new videos would really make a difference. 


What’s in it for you?

  • Your video will be published on our new dedicated community videos pages
  • You'll be awarded 100 community contributor points for creating a new video (and 10 for suggesting a video idea)
  • A fantastic limited-edition Alfresco t-shirt (1 per person max)
    (Note: We've had issues posting these to some countries, so we can only commit to posting to countries that don't have a massive import duty - as a general rule t-shirt postage will be restricted to EU countries) 
  • A warm glow from being a recognised member of the Alfresco Community


So what are you waiting for?


We’ll add on the Alfresco start and end title sequences for you and publish it on community.alfresco.com, and fame and glory will be yours.