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Hello Alfresco community,   I hope you can help me out with some information, or please guide me to the correct place or person for my questions. I want to prepare for an Alfresco project, and I need to learn Alfresco and get certified. Can you please explain the differences between the 4 certifications available? Alfresco Content Services… (Show more)
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Alfresco Technical Boot Camp 20-24 May (Stuttgart) 08-12 July (New York) 15-19 July (San Francisco)   Alfresco APS 01-04 July (London)   Register Now Click Here  
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The new SDK 4.0 release is still in beta, so I've created an sdk-4.0 branch in the Alfresco Developer Series Tutorials project on GitHub. All of the tutorials in that project have been reconfigured to adhere to the new Docker-based, SDK 4.0 project setup.   Other than the project structure, nothing had to change in the actual source code for the… (Show more)
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Hey Community,   Last week we hosted our first meetup in a long time, in London. Here's our group. While we're planning to host more of these, I'm thinking maybe we should be attending as many as we host. So I'm wondering - are there any Meetups you attend and enjoy?    We're checking out Java and Angular meetups, but I thought you guys have… (Show more)
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I wanted to share some important updates around the Alfresco Certification Program. From January 29th, 2019, all Alfresco Certifications will be moving to a new service provider, Kryterion, the following certifications will continue to be available:   Alfresco Content Services Certified Administrator (ACSCA) Alfresco Content Services Certified… (Show more)
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