Featured Member: Ben Chevallereau

Blog Post created by kgastaldo Employee on Oct 4, 2016
Ben has been working with Alfresco for the past 8 years, and is a certified engineer and administrator.


Ben Chevallereau

Software Architect, Armedia

Tell us a little about your background and how you came to use Alfresco.
For my last year at uni, I had to do an internship, and I worked for 6 months for the Alfresco integrator called BlueXML. At this time, BlueXML just started to work on the Alfresco platform that was really new on the market. And they decided to invest a lot of energy on Alfresco. So my internship was really focused on this platform. I continued to work on Alfresco during my entire career so, almost 10 years now :)
What challenges did you face? What are you most proud of?
One of my biggest challenge is when I was working for WiPro, but dedicated to Michelin. Michelin was really keen to use Alfresco globally but had no experience. I was the team leader that designed, implemented and helped on the architecture of multiple Alfresco projects in France, in Europe and in US. The challenge was obviously technical but as well human. It was my first time working in an international team, and communicating most of the time in english.
How are you using Alfresco currently?
On the different projects, I’m working on. Usually, Alfresco is mostly used as back-end repository. For the front-end, usually, we work on custom UI: Angular App embedded in Share, custom app in Share or completely external custom UI.
What resources have been the most helpful?
Back in the days, the source code was extremely useful. Nowadays, I use a lot the website which contains a lot of information. But as well, the forums and
Any secrets, hacks or advice for new users?
Not really a secret or advice. And it’s more for developers. A lot of people are using Maven to run their Alfresco instance during the development step. I’m a bit more old school. I created a bash script that install Alfresco in my local in a specific folder, and it installs three Tomcat instances for SolR, Alfresco and Share. I find it quicker and easier for me...
What are you working on at the moment?
Right now, I spend a lot of time on the new PacktPub Alfresco book, a lot of time as well on the integration between Angular and Alfresco for different projects. And finally, I’m spending time on IoT devices and technologies.
If you’ve worked on multiple Alfresco projects, which has been your favorite?
Very hard to say. I worked on a lot of projects completely different over all these years. One of the funniest one was for an online payment solution. We developed some customization to help them to improve the collaboration globally to build their mobile app with screenshot generation, approval process and integration to the building platform to automatically build the mobile app and publish it.
What’s one tech trend/software/app that really excites you?
I’m always interested by the BPM world, and so Activiti. But, on an other complete aspect, I’m really excited by all IoT devices, frameworks and standards.