Featured Member: Cristina Martín Ruiz

Blog Post created by kgastaldo Employee on Oct 11, 2016

Cristina Martín Ruiz

Chief Communications Officer, Venzia IT


Tell us a little about your background and how you came to use Alfresco.


Comeback to the past.... November 2009: I worked for an IT company based in Seville. One day my boss asked me if I wanted a position @ minister of Economy with a new project. I remember that I was nervous because this opportunity was for me: New challenges, new colleagues, etc.. I was so excited about this change! As you can imagine I said: Yes, I'm in.

That was my first Alfresco project (Alfresco integrated with OpenOffice) and since then I work with Alfresco <3


What challenges did you face? What are you most proud of?


I'm very proud to help and contribute with BeeCon2016!

Also, during 2011 I was coordinating some Alfresco Meetups here in Spain (I really like meet new alfresco community people).


How are you using Alfresco currently?


I have the maintenance of some clients and also I deliver Alfresco training courses.


What resources have been the most helpful?


Wiki: You had almost everything there & it has been one of the most important resources since the beginning. Nowadays Alfresco Docs, of course.


Any secrets, hacks or advice for new users?


Be patience and try to move forward. If you don´t know something, ask in forums or IRC to the community!


What are you working on at the moment (could be outside of Alfresco)?


I am Official Alfresco Training and also I am working with an IT company (I love IT stuff).


If you’ve worked on multiple Alfresco projects, which has been your favorite?


Valor @ Education and Culture in European Commission (Belgium). That was the most challenging project I had never! :-D


What’s one tech trend/software/app that really excites you?


I think Machine Learning can be part of the future in ECM world.


Anything you’d like to share with the community? A fun fact about yourself?


Don't be shy and share your Alfresco thoughts & problems! Even if you think that can be a stupid question, share them with the community!