Featured Employee: Enzo Rivello

Blog Post created by kgastaldo Employee on Nov 8, 2016


Enzo Rivello, Senior DevOps Engineer, Alfresco


Tell us a little about your background and how you came to use Alfresco and join the company.


My career begin 6 years ago in London, as a Ruby developer, but with time I started moving towards more an hybrid role, trying to understand automation and the balance between Development and Operation. During this time I worked for several companies, amongst them Workshare and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe before finally approached being approached by Mario Romano, now Architect of the ADF and Activiti project, that convinced me to join Alfresco to help the product delivery.


What challenges did you face? What are you most proud of?


First few months were an incredible blur of new faces, projects, colleagues, talks and initiatives …I clearly remember that the most challenging part was trying to keep up with the ever-changing environment and technologies. Alfresco is full of people with brilliant ideas, and with a lot of passion for their work, so is natural that projects and ideas get free flowing.


My proudest moment here was when I was asked to help the Activiti team deliver their product for a big client, in a third-party PaaS service … they were blocked since 6 months with no progression. Turns out, it was just a problem of communication – I set up a ticket to track the history of the problem, came back and forth from both the teams to understand and re-explain the problem, and after one week the IT team of the client were able to deploy Activiti without any issue. The point was that no-coding was required, just fix the process and ease the communication was good enough to move the task quickly to the ‘done’ bucket.


What is your current role with Alfresco?


I am the Tech Lead for the Tooling & Automation team, inside the big DevOps team. I am also an embedded DevOps for the Activiti & ADF team.


What resources have been the most helpful, when learning about the product?


Definitely the Community. Before joining, I hardly ever heard of Alfresco, but the community helped me a great deal understanding the importance of the product, while at the same time delineating the flaws and the challenges the community is facing.


Any secrets, hacks or advice for new users?


Take care of the infrastructure you use while using Alfresco. Learning deploying methods, what actually compose the product and third-party services is as important as knowing the product itself … after all, you don’t want to be stuck at 3:00 AM because your SOLR partition is full, right?


What are you working on at the moment?


Currently I am busy helping delivery Activiti and unblocking the ADF team for their infrastructure team, but mainly I work on the chef-alfresco project, which will help aid anyone creating your own installation in an easy and repeatable way.


If you’ve worked on multiple Alfresco projects, which has been your favorite?


The Application Development Framework is surely one of my favourites. In there I am experimenting all new technologies like Docker pipelines, Orchestration, automatic buildings while refreshing my Javascript & Node knowledge


What’s one tech trend/software/app that really excites you?


Currently, I believe that containerisation holds a great potential for my line of work. I don’t talk about big massive scales, but for development, testing, quick pipelines and as on-premise solution for small partners.