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BeeCon hack-a-thon

Posted by afaust Moderator Mar 9, 2017

The extended deadline for session proposals has passed Friday last week (March 3rd). While the team is busy going through all the submissions, picking sessions and putting together the best conference agenda they can, let me tell you about one of the cornerstone sessions at every conference since the earliest Alfresco DevCon: the BeeCon hack-a-thon.


When is the hack-a-thon?

BeeCon 2016 was the first conference organised by the Order of the Bee and some of our assumptions turned out to be too cautious. We ended up having such a rich agenda packed full of interesting sessions and great speakers that attendees had a tough choice between the main conference tracks or participating in the hack-a-thon on the second day of the main conference. This year we are going to have the hack-a-thon session on the day before the main tracks start - April 25th - so attendees can participate without having to miss out on any of the keynotes, sessions and opportunities to network.


What is a hack-a-thon?

This may be old news for anyone who has previously attended an Alfresco-related hack-a-thon event but some of our newer community members may not be aware of what a hack-a-thon is about. In short, a hack-a-thon is a full-day session completely dedicated to any sort of collaborative projects that attendees are personally interested in or that could be of benefit to the larger Alfresco community. These projects may be technical or non-technical, and range from experimental developments to maintenance of community resources like wiki pages, or definition of business requirements / concepts for feature requests / new project ideas.

A hack-a-thon is typically the best place to network with other, highly enthusiastic Alfresco developers or users, learn from one another and to work on tasks / ideas for which there may normally be little time in the day-to-day work life. In the past it has consistently been one of the most effective community building events, with most members of the Order of the Bee having first got to know each other in one of these events.


Maybe the work on one of the projects results in a new must-have addon or other great improvement for the Alfresco community. One of the most recent addons to result from a hack-a-thon is OOTBee Support Tools which was developed as part of the Global Virtual hack-a-thon in September 2016.


What should I do to participate?

Participation in the BeeCon hack-a-thon is open to any member of the Alfresco community and any attendee of BeeCon 2017. There is no extra charge - if you want to join simply be there on April 25th, the day before the main session start. In order for us to properly prepare the hack-a-thon session and estimate the participation in advance (i.e. so that there are enough power outlets and chairs for everyone), please register your intention to attend the hack-a-thon session. This registration will also be used to provide any updates or other details about the session in advance of BeeCon.


In order to make the most out of the hack-a-thon session it is a good idea to think about project ideas in advance and potentially find other people with which to work during the session. You can use the projects and teams page to add your project ideas or find other people's ideas that you want to work on with them.



I am looking forward to seeing and working with you at this year's BeeCon hack-a-thon. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here or contact me directly - I'll answer them as soon and best as I can.