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I am so excited to share with you that Alfresco University will be at Alfresco DevCon 2019 and we are excited to bring back the Certification Preparation Workshops.


This year the Certification Workshops will be aligned to our ACSCE and APSCE exams.


We had a great experience last year and we listen to your feedback so this time around each workshop is a full day to allow for more discussions and better exam coverage. The workshops will follow the same format meaning they are highly interactive with you at the center of that interaction and were designed specifically for those who have already started their journey to prepare to become certified.


But we’re not stopping there.  We have even bigger news this time around!  (drum roll please…….) You will have the opportunity to take any of our exams while onsite at the conference!


If you register for one of the “Conference + Certification Workshop” tracks, you will be provided with a voucher for one free attempt while at the conference.  This is an awesome deal and a great way to really accelerate your certification goals.


Not attending a certification workshop? Don’t worry!  You will be able to take an exam at an amazing price of £50.  That’s a whopping 67% DISCOUNT!


Remember to bring your laptop and its charger to be able to take the exam.  We will have more information on exactly what to bring soon.


Alfresco DevCon 2019 registration is opening tomorrow (August 1) and there is limited seating available for the certification workshops so don’t delay in signing up.


See you in Edinburgh! It’s going to be pure barry!

DevCon 2018 has now finished, and as we get back to our desks and families after a week in Lisbon, I wanted to reflect on what I believe was a great return to Alfresco hosted developer events. As we continue to move forwards with the Digital Business Platform, the importance of our community increases - it’s only a platform if people actually build things on top of it - and so I was pleased to see that the event generated a lot of enthusiasm both internally and externally.


In some ways, it feels as though the event hasn’t changed at all since the early ones, but in others it has. One of the things I liked most about this year’s conference was the level of collaboration with the community around the organisation of the event itself. Having been involved in early discussion around the planning of the event, it was great to see Kristen Gastaldo, Francesco Corti and Richard Esplin working so closely with the Order of the Bee( That collaboration continued when it came to the tough job of selecting the content and arranging the program - which was harder this year than previous years due to the shear volume of high quality submissions. Hopefully you’ll agree that we did a reasonable job selecting the appropriate sessions; I’ve certainly got a long list of sessions I couldn’t attend that I’m looking forward to watching the recording for.


From a Governance Services perspective, I was pleased by the level of interest there, both from the community and from the engineering team outwards. Having been the lone GS engineering representative at BeeCon last year, this year almost all the team wanted to attend, with 5 of us getting a pass and presenting sessions (me, Roy, Ana, Ross & Rodica). The level of interest from people I spoke to has increased as well, with partners, customers and Community users all keen to discuss their implementations, extensions and use cases. I believe that’s because the switch from RM to Governance Services is hitting its mark & more people are understanding how broad the requirement for governance is. There were two excellent presentations from active community members that were great to hear, with Eva Vasques and Francisco’s look at the Portuguese Public Records implementation and Sergio Ferreira's presentation of his ongoing masters research into MoReq2010 support both highlighting the strength of our open source strategy. 


With my Share hat on, it was good to see the discussion continuing around Alfresco’s plans for Share’s future; the level of enthusiasm there is for Share was highlighted when the audience burst into a spontaneous round of applause when Richard announced that the Share GitHub project was now open for submissions. I spoke to lots of people who were reassured that Share isn’t going anywhere soon and is still being invested in and personally I’m pleased to see the on-going willingness to get involved with the longer term discussion about what happens post-Share.



On a personal level - I always enjoy the atmosphere at these events & there was a great balance between catching up with familiar faces and meeting new people. I think the hack-a-thon was a success (congratulations to Axel Faust for managing it superbly) & I enjoyed getting a chance to dig into potential future AWS connections between GS and Amazon Macie, as well seeing progress on the two other project ideas I seeded & the level of collaboration between all 50 people in the room was fantastic. Having shied away from public speaking in the past, I now look forward to the opportunity to stand up on stage and share my ideas & the warmth of the reception from the DevCon crowd has massively helped with that - I gave three presentations this year, a lightning talk on lessons for Software development that I’ve taken from my Search and Rescue volunteering, a full session on the intersection of Process and Governance, and an ad-hoc presentation of my hack-a-thon project - if you’ve got any feedback on any of them, I’d be keen to hear it.


All in all, I think it was an excellent event and hope everyone else came away from it with the same boost in enthusiasm that I did.


1:1s with experts at DevCon 2018

Posted by mikeh Employee Jan 10, 2018

We're making final arrangements for DevCon 2018 in Lisbon, and are looking forward to meeting you there.


When we were designing the first Alfresco DevCon events - way back in 2010! - one of our goals for the event was to give you direct access to the Alfresco Engineers, Product Managers, Marketing & Evangelism and Community Stars (Order Of The Bee). Who better to discuss a problem with, or get more details about a new feature than one of the core developers?


We are very pleased to announce that our talented and enthusiastic Engineers will again be making themselves available for 30-minute 1-to-1 sessions. There will be some space available at the venue, and sign-up sheets for you to book a slot. I'll also be there in person, assisting Kristen and Francesco, should you need help tracking down a particular person, or an expert in a particular area.


Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at DevCon next week!


Mike Hatfield

We have 3 training opportunities available at DevCon next year. These sessions will be held on Day 0 (Tuesday) before the full conference happens on Wednesday and Thursday. The sessions are first come, first serve, so don't wait too long to register. You'll arrive at the venue on Tuesday morning, check in at the front desk, and then go to the classrooms on the 4th floor. We will all have a lunch break together in the restaurant on the 5th floor. You will need your computer. We will be providing notepads and pens for those who prefer to take notes that way.


Introduction to Alfresco


This is an all day session, which will feature an overview of content, process, and the application development framework. This is a great session to attend if you're new to Alfresco. This will help you make the most of the full and extended sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. 


Certification Preparation Trainings 


We have 2 certification trainings available at DevCon this year. These are both half day sessions. The morning will be dedicated to training for the Alfresco Content Services Certified Engineer exam, while the afternoon will be focused on the Alfresco Process Services Certified Engineer exam.


The certification sessions are workshop style sessions that will cover content from the different competencies of the corresponding exams. To participate in these sessions, you must have a voucher to take the exam, purchased from Alfresco University. Vouchers cost $200 (USD). 


If you have questions regarding the certification sessions and the process to purchase the voucher, please contact  

In case you missed the announcement, our upcoming developer conference, DevCon, is a free event for our developer community. That's right - free to attend.


We have 2 full days of sessions - full and extended talks, lightning talks, birds of a feather sessions, panels and more! These two days (Jan 17/18) be your best chance to connect with the Alfresco team and your fellow developers.


On Tuesday before the conference, we have an optional day of hacking and training. We'll kick off the day with our hackathon. Projects and teams are still TBD, but look out for updates to this space soon. We're also offering a full day Introduction to Alfresco training on Tuesday. This is a great way to make sure you're up to speed on content, process, and the application development framework, to make the most of the sessions on Wed and Thurs. 


A new offering this year is our certified engineer training. If you're interested to become a certified engineer in ACS or APS, then these sessions will be great for you. They are each half day sessions, and will help prepare you for the exam. These sessions are only available to participants who have purchased a voucher from Alfresco University to take the exam. Vouchers for ACS can be found here, and APS here


We've already registered 100 attendees. If you're coming to DevCon, register today

The convention center has been booked. The top 60+ presentations have been carefully selected. Four engaging content tracks have been organized. A red and a white have been picked. We’re primed and ready to go for DevCon 2018. 


Over the past year, we've focused on developer experience:  

  • Hiring a community manager and a developer evangelist
  • Reinstating our regular monthly Tech Talk Live and Office Hour webinars,
  • Launching a brand-new community, with more functionality and features, combining our forums, blogs, and wiki


All-in-all, our goal in 2017 has been to create more developer resources and increase our communication, with the intention to continue improving our developer experience. 


So as this calendar year winds down – we’ve saved the best news for last. To kick off 2018, as a further investment in making Alfresco a great place to be a developer - we’ve decided to make DevCon a free event. This is your chance to learn from the experts, meet with your peers and grow your understanding of all that the Alfresco Digital Business Platform has to offer – all under one roof, with no registration fee. 


Official registration will open on Wednesday, November 29th. There is a limited venue capacity and we expect to sell out quickly, so be sure to register early to reserve your spot. We will be managing a waitlist and confirming with registrants a few weeks out, to ensure no seats are left unfilled. 


If you have any questions, you can email us directly at or post in this space.


Register here on November 29th. 


When you register, you'll see options to register for the conference, hackathon, and training. If you're attending the full day introductory training, you won't be able to attend the Hackathon, and vice versa. If you're attending the half day certification prep, you could stop in to the hackathon before or after, depending on your session. 


We hope you plan on joining us in Lisbon!

First of all let me apologise for the delay we had in sharing a feedback with all the guys and girls that applied for a talk at the Alfresco DevCon 2018. We had more than 155 submissions, coming from all the globe, from Alfresco Partners, Customers, Enthusiasts, Employees, and most of them are definitely valuable. The Selection Committee discussed a lot (and they are continuing the discussion) to find the best mix of content, external and internal contributions, topics, technology, use cases, etc. This is the reason why another track has been added (they will be 4 in total), to try to accept as much as contributions we can.


Yesterday evening we sent out the communication to the accepted/rejected talks for Full, Extended and Lighting Talks. Considering that some slots are still in discussion from the Selection Committee, we decided to define a waitlist containing some possible talks to be used as best candidates.


If you submitted a talk and you did not receive any communication in your inbox, please let me know.

It is for sure a mistake and I'll share with your any detail you will require. Next week, the Selection Committee will decide also on the remaining slots and the final communication to the submissions in the waitlist will be sent out.


If your talk has been accepted, please confirm the availability to present, before the 29th of Nov. We expect to have the full rooms and we need to ensure all the tracks filled with valuable content. We want there as much enthusiasts we can, attending the Alfresco DevCon 2018.


Last but not least, let me share a final thought about the quality of the contributions. It has been really hard to figure out the "best" contributions to be selected. The quality of the contributions has been definitely high and a rejected talk DOESN'T mean low quality content. This is the reason why we are thinking to invite some of the submitters in one or more future Tech Talk Live.



We are grateful for your commitment to the conference and your participation in the Alfresco community.
It is the enthusiasm of people like you that make Alfresco DevCon a valuable event.


We sincerely hope to see you all in Lisbon, Portugal on January 16-18.

Stay tuned for more news soon.

As you probably know, this night at midnight the DevCon 2018 Call For Paper has been closed. We are surprised and excited to see the final numbers around the submissions and with this blog post I would like to share an update and the next steps. Before jumping into the numbers, let me thank all the Developers, DevOps and tech enthusiasts that found the time to think about a possible content to share. The level of the contributions is really high and the selection will be hard.


DevCon 2018 submissions


The submissions came until the last second (at midnight) and below you can find a brief summary of the total numbers.



In the past days I have been contacted more times with a question: will you accept external contributions? Below some numbers about contributions from Alfresco employees and Customers, Partners and Community members.


And what about the content? Below some numbers based on the tags attached to the submissions (not all the tags are quoted). 

The review process


As you can see, the number of submissions is high (158 in total) and the available slots for a talk are not enough to admit everyone on the stage. We are working hard to extend the number of slots, to see reduced the number of rejected submissions. In any case, even if someone will be rejected, the quality of the content is really high and all the submitters should be proud of their initiative.


Since today, the Selection Committee composed by three Alfrescans and two members of the independent organisation called Order Of The Bee, are working hard to review the content. Maybe some talks will be asked to be merged or reduced in terms of duration. Please be available to adjust the initial request, just to give to other speakers an opportunity.


The review process starts today and it is planned to be completed in two/three weeks. Everyone submitted a talk will be informed with an email about the decision and the next steps to follow. Some of you could be contacted also for some clarifications or requests. Please check your inbox regularly in these days. It will help us to be rapid in the decisions.


Every communication will be done using the email you shared in the submission portal. For any question or request, feel free to contact Kristen Gastaldo or me.


What's next...


As you can start reading here, the DevCon 2018 is taking off and it will be an exciting event to attend. Soon the tickets will be available for sale on the website. The sponsoring packages are already available. If your Company is interested to be active part of this great technical event, you can contact Kristen Gastaldo for further details.


Looking forward to meet you at DevCon 2018.

Hello folks,


Today, 23rd of October 2017, the Call For Paper for the next year DevCon has a relevant milestone. In fact, it was the last day planned for the acceptance of the submissions. Why was it planned and it is not planned anymore? What changes? Let's start from some data and highlights.


First of all the submissions are going great and the excitement around the Alfresco DevCon 2018 is really tangible from the Alfresco folks, the Customers, the Partners and the Community all. Below you can find the number of submissions per type (45 minute talks, 30 minute talks, 5 minute talks), where the Alfrescans submissions (in blue) and the external contributions (in yellow) are highlighted.



We are really happy with the numbers, because they show a perfect balance between external contributions (52% of the time coverage) and the Alfrescan contributions (45% of the time coverage). The 3% of the time coverage is still available, but only on 5 minutes talks.


The available slots for the lightning talks (5 minute talks) is exactly the reason why we decide to postpone the end of the Call For Paper for another week more. So, the new deadline for the end of the Call For Paper is Monday, 30th of October 2017 at 23:59 Central European Timezone.


To complete the update, below you can see the exceeding submissions respect to the maximum of slots planned. This is too say that probably some talks will not be accepted, but it's how it works and does not change the high value of content we are seeing in the suggested topics (by the way: thank you very much to all the folks that submitted a talk).


The final list of accepted submissions will be defined after the end of the Call For Paper by a Selection Committee, composed by Alfrescans and members of the independent organisation called Order Of the Bee. Until then, all the submissions will be accepted and encouraged.

On Monday the 30th of October I plan to write an update similar to this blog post, with more data and highlights to keep you informed. As you know, we think that a conference can only be as good as its content, so we are counting on you to help us put together the greatest Alfresco DevCon this year. Looking forward to meet you in person in Lisbon.


Immediately after the official announcement of the Alfresco DevCon 2018, we are pleased to launch the call for paper for the event.


As you probably know, the intended audience of the Alfresco DevCon is mainly technical, like Developers, Architects, DevOps, etc. Talks enabling newbies or focused on Alfresco experts (and all the various skills in between) will be considered as a good target for the conference. For this reason we welcome both first-time and experienced speakers, with a focus on technical content.


The call for paper is already opened and will be closed on Monday 23rd of October 2017. Standard sessions will have a duration of 30 minutes and we will provide a limited number of Extended sessions, having a duration of 45 minutes. In addition to that, lightning talks will be available using the Ignite-style (20 slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds for a total amount of 5 minutes for each talk). If it’s your first time talking in a public speaking session, you should consider the lightning talk format for your submission.

Alfresco DevCon is a technical conference done from Tech enthusiasts for Tech enthusiasts. Alfresco Engineers, DevOps, Architects, etc. are invited to submit, together with Alfresco Partners, Customers and members of the Community. The submissions will be reviewed by a Selection Committee, composed by Alfrescans and recognized members of the Order of The Bee.


We will inform you of the decision of the Selection Committee by the 10th of November 2017. All approved speakers for full presentations (30 or 45 minutes) will receive a code for free event registration. Our Early Bird registration rate will last until Dec 31, so you will not miss the discounted price, should your paper not be accepted.


Unsure of what to present?


Some ideas for topics that our audience would find interesting can be found in previous editions of the Alfresco events. Below a list including the latest ones.


Would you like someone to review your proposal before submitting?


You can contact Francesco Corti - Product Evangelist ( or Kristen Gastaldo - Community Manager (, for any question or support you may require.


Last but not least, a conference can only be as good as its content, so we are counting on you to help us put together the greatest Alfresco DevCon this year. Looking forward to meet you in person in Lisbon.



Announcing DevCon 2018

Posted by kgastaldo Employee Sep 25, 2017

It's official; Alfresco will be hosting DevCon in 2018!



For those of you unfamiliar with the Alfresco DevCons of the past, DevCon is an international event for developers, devops, architects and all technical professionals interested in Alfresco's technology. Focused on technical demos, best practices, and deep discussions from multiple experts, DevCon will provide you with access to practical knowledge, use cases, and real-word techniques that can be applied immediately to your deployment.


While we have many more details to come, here are the basics:


When: Jan 16-18, 2018

Where: Museu Fundação Oriente in Lisbon, Portugal 


Drawing from the successful structure of the last BeeCon, this two full day conference will be begin with an optional pre-conference day, January 16th, with the Alfresco Hack-a-thon for intermediates and experts and two training opportunities lead by Alfresco University.


Be sure to sign up for email notifications on our official site (DevCon 2018: Alfresco Developer Conference ) for the latest news and announcements. In the next few days, we will be updating the site with details on call for papers, on sale, location, accommodations, sponsorship opportunities, and other logistics.


Are you interested in presenting at DevCon?

We’re looking for speakers with all levels of experience and expertise. Our call for papers will open shortly. We'll provide more details in a blog tomorrow, as well as on our submission site. We'll be working closely with the Order of the Bee on the topic selection, and strongly encourage you to check out the past two years' BeeCon schedule for ideas around the type of topics to be accepted. Full session speakers receive a complimentary conference pass.


*Updated: Call for Papers is open - Alfresco DevCon 2018 Call For Paper 


Interested in sponsoring the event?

Contact for sponsorship opportunities.


For further information or requests, don’t hesitate to contact Francesco Corti or Kristen Gastaldo.


Looking forward to seeing all of you at Alfresco DevCon 2018!