Update on DevCon 2018 submissions and new deadline

Blog Post created by fcorti Employee on Oct 23, 2017

Hello folks,


Today, 23rd of October 2017, the Call For Paper for the next year DevCon has a relevant milestone. In fact, it was the last day planned for the acceptance of the submissions. Why was it planned and it is not planned anymore? What changes? Let's start from some data and highlights.


First of all the submissions are going great and the excitement around the Alfresco DevCon 2018 is really tangible from the Alfresco folks, the Customers, the Partners and the Community all. Below you can find the number of submissions per type (45 minute talks, 30 minute talks, 5 minute talks), where the Alfrescans submissions (in blue) and the external contributions (in yellow) are highlighted.



We are really happy with the numbers, because they show a perfect balance between external contributions (52% of the time coverage) and the Alfrescan contributions (45% of the time coverage). The 3% of the time coverage is still available, but only on 5 minutes talks.


The available slots for the lightning talks (5 minute talks) is exactly the reason why we decide to postpone the end of the Call For Paper for another week more. So, the new deadline for the end of the Call For Paper is Monday, 30th of October 2017 at 23:59 Central European Timezone.


To complete the update, below you can see the exceeding submissions respect to the maximum of slots planned. This is too say that probably some talks will not be accepted, but it's how it works and does not change the high value of content we are seeing in the suggested topics (by the way: thank you very much to all the folks that submitted a talk).


The final list of accepted submissions will be defined after the end of the Call For Paper by a Selection Committee, composed by Alfrescans and members of the independent organisation called Order Of the Bee. Until then, all the submissions will be accepted and encouraged.

On Monday the 30th of October I plan to write an update similar to this blog post, with more data and highlights to keep you informed. As you know, we think that a conference can only be as good as its content, so we are counting on you to help us put together the greatest Alfresco DevCon this year. Looking forward to meet you in person in Lisbon.