DevCon 2018 submissions and next steps

Blog Post created by fcorti Employee on Oct 31, 2017

As you probably know, this night at midnight the DevCon 2018 Call For Paper has been closed. We are surprised and excited to see the final numbers around the submissions and with this blog post I would like to share an update and the next steps. Before jumping into the numbers, let me thank all the Developers, DevOps and tech enthusiasts that found the time to think about a possible content to share. The level of the contributions is really high and the selection will be hard.


DevCon 2018 submissions


The submissions came until the last second (at midnight) and below you can find a brief summary of the total numbers.



In the past days I have been contacted more times with a question: will you accept external contributions? Below some numbers about contributions from Alfresco employees and Customers, Partners and Community members.


And what about the content? Below some numbers based on the tags attached to the submissions (not all the tags are quoted). 

The review process


As you can see, the number of submissions is high (158 in total) and the available slots for a talk are not enough to admit everyone on the stage. We are working hard to extend the number of slots, to see reduced the number of rejected submissions. In any case, even if someone will be rejected, the quality of the content is really high and all the submitters should be proud of their initiative.


Since today, the Selection Committee composed by three Alfrescans and two members of the independent organisation called Order Of The Bee, are working hard to review the content. Maybe some talks will be asked to be merged or reduced in terms of duration. Please be available to adjust the initial request, just to give to other speakers an opportunity.


The review process starts today and it is planned to be completed in two/three weeks. Everyone submitted a talk will be informed with an email about the decision and the next steps to follow. Some of you could be contacted also for some clarifications or requests. Please check your inbox regularly in these days. It will help us to be rapid in the decisions.


Every communication will be done using the email you shared in the submission portal. For any question or request, feel free to contact Kristen Gastaldo or me.


What's next...


As you can start reading here, the DevCon 2018 is taking off and it will be an exciting event to attend. Soon the tickets will be available for sale on the website. The sponsoring packages are already available. If your Company is interested to be active part of this great technical event, you can contact Kristen Gastaldo for further details.


Looking forward to meet you at DevCon 2018.