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Alfresco Content Services (ECM)

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Hello All,   I am using Alfresco All-In-One (alfresco-allinone-archetype) maven based project. I am using community version.   I would like to know how to make the project (using eclipse) Hot deployment. I have read the article - Rapid Application Development in Eclipse (Hot reloading) | Alfresco Documentation but I did not work for me. I don't… (Show more)
How to upload file in Alfresco via API?   Currently I am using  'cmis_repository_wrapper' class (please see attachment ) but not able to find related API for file upload?   Could you please guide me where I can get Alfresco API for file upload in PHP?   It would be good if you can share any example with it.   Thanks, Sunil
Hello,   I'm a newcomer in Alfresco, I have requirements from the client  Web Server Application Server Database Server Document/File Storage Server Backup Server   For an enterprise purpose, do we need all the requirements? and other components to a make smooth operation of Alfresco?
I have created customized content model  where 2 date control are there. 1)FromDate 2)ToDate Now I want populate ToDate whenever FromDate change(base on some logic) and another is validation where ToDate should not be greater than FromDate(I have achieved this thing using validation-handler but the problem is it calling on every field of that… (Show more)
I want to add one property inside the aspect in the out of the alfresco content model i.e.applicationModel.xml;we are using alfresco 5.2; so how to extend this model and add this property inside this aspect?. <aspect name="app:linked">          <title>Marker aspect to indicate that the node has been linked.</title>       </aspect>     below… (Show more)
Hi, I just clean up my system to delete whole files (3 years old collections of documents) from the front-end manually Then also delete it from the trash bin. But when I checked into alf_data/contentstore, those files are still there and occupy disk space. alfresco@dmsdev:/opt/alfresco-community/alf_data$ du -h --max-depth=1 contentstore/… (Show more)
Hello,Everyone.i want to delete trashan every 30 minute using trashcan cron.i pasted that in file:   trashcan-cleaner.cron=0 0/30 * * * ?   trashcan cron is starting.but no files in trash can be deleted.alfresco.log record in alfresco.log:   2018-08-19 22:56:00,051 DEBUG [org.alfresco.trashcan.TrashcanCleaner]… (Show more)
I am using alfresco 5.2 community version & i need a way to automatically redirect to the edit-metadata page after a successful uploading. I wrote a script for that but it gives me an error.   var nodeRefURL = "edit-metadata?nodeRef=" + response.nodeRef; Alfresco.util.navigateTo(nodeRefURL); Please help me to correct above script. Thank you.
Hello,Everyone.when I search for the title of a file in alfresco, the title is not found because solr does not index the title of the file.I want to find the title of the file from the search box.Do you have any information on this?
hi, How can i hide links for sharing document with social media,?? I want to disable sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Google + and just leave sharing via email can you halp me please ?? Axel Faust 
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