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Alfresco Content Services (ECM)

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Hi, This is what i have done :   getActiveTasks (user): Promise<{}> {   const listScriptPath = 'api/task-instances?authority=' + user +     '&properties=wfvd_nomService,bpm_priority,bpm_status,bpm_dueDate,bpm_description&exclude=wcmwf:*&skipCount=0&maxItems=1000&';   return this.apiService.getInstance().webScript     .executeWebScript('GET',… (Show more)
I am currently configuring alfresco to use ldap server for authentication. I followed the offecial documentation and i updated file, i can log in with ldap users but i don't see any group of dap and i see only ldap users who already connect with alfresco if a user did not logged in  alfresco i don't see him . i am using… (Show more)
Bonjour la communauté, comment donner des droits d acces a un documents partagé, Bonjour la communauté, comment donner des droits d acces a un documents partagé
Hello,   Is it possible to get all grandchildren (or even grand...grandchildren) of node using just one query? I'm using REST API and Alfresco Community v5.2.0.   Thank you Slawek
Good morning, I'm new with Alfresco and had readed a lot of documentation. I'm trying to build some library/api to my software to access the part of storage and management of files / folders of the Alfresco. (Integration with other systems)   Now I am using the Alfresco client ( but I don't know if… (Show more)
Hi,   We have customized Alfresco login in order to validate user's credentials against our custom authentication system called AUS.   We have created our own class that extends AbstractAuthenticationComponent. In the authenticateImpl method we are making request to AUS and if the credentials are failed then it will go to check the credentials… (Show more)
Hi, I want to develop a dashlet with specific group restriction access. I have followed small tutorial here: Technical Tips & Tricks: Restricting Availability of Alfresco Dashlets by Group but it's still fail. Alfresco documentation about family tag is also never explains about group feature. family | Alfresco Documentation  Has anyone… (Show more)
It is time, at last, to announce the release of the Records Management Community 2.7.b, which follows 2.7.a from February and brings improvements over the existing features, mostly on auditing events and on the search results.   What's in 2.7.b?In this release, we have focused more on fixing audit bugs, for instance, event filtering (RM-5794,… (Show more)
In the last post we looked at how to create files and folders in the repository, this time we're going to retrieve and update node information, retrieve and update content and remove nodes from the repository.   To keep with tradition, all of the endpoints we'll cover in this post have been provided in a Postman collection and can be imported by… (Show more)
When i login the am facing this Error ( Your authentication details have not been recognized or Alfresco may not be available at this time.) & (If it is possible to delete the super admin credentials)
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