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Alfresco Content Services (ECM)

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Hi,    I have uploaded alfresco document with custom metadata in alfresco now i want to push this document or all the uploaded document in dotCMS automatically.
Hi,   I have installed Alfresco Community Edition in Windows machine and trying to migrate the contents from SharePoint 2010 to Alfresco.How to download the OpenMigrate software for Windows platform? so far i couldn't find any link to download the software.   Links tried to get OpenMigrate OpenMigrate | Alfresco OpenMigrate - Configurable… (Show more)
Hi all, Were using 'Recent activities' dashlet and related email notifications to keep all members aware of each document created or updated.   Given the nature of our documentary policy it isn't enough knowing the document name to understand what's about.   So, we want to add some additional fields on the 'Recent activities' dashlet or into… (Show more)
I am trying to login alfresco share in third-party application.I can alfresco services with ticket but same is not happening with alfresco share side.Is this possible login alfresco share in third party application if yes then how can we do this.Is this with ticket or any other way.
Hi everyone, I am writing this because i want to set up external authentication on my Alfresco app, looking on the official 5.2 documentation there's a section that explains a little on how SSO-CAS can be used, however there are no instructions on how to set it up, i say this because on this link Using Alfresco with CAS authentication through… (Show more)
Hello I have to develop a project for Alfresco 4.2, if I had correctly understood the documentation I have to use the SDK 1.1.0 for the development. I used this documentation: Maven Alfresco SDK Quick Start | Alfresco Documentation  but when I call the maven archetype I get : [ERROR] Failed to execute goal… (Show more)
we use Community Edition, version number 5.2.0. When I log into Admin Console I only have the following options under console, Model and Messages Console, Tenant Console, Workflow Console. No Repository services option to configure SMTP.
Hi All,  I tried to add categories to a node that already have the aspect cm:generalclassifiable. Below the code using the SDK AlfrescoClient client = AlfrescoService.getAlfrescoClient(); NodesAPI nodesAPI = client.getNodesAPI(); ArrayList<Object> categoriesNames = new ArrayList<>(); categoriesNames.add("ad0d372b-d92b-4db4-a8ff-c837e4412674");… (Show more)
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