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Alfresco Content Services (ECM)

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Hello, im migrating a share extension from alfresco 4.1 to alfresco 5.1. Im trying to use  a path selector  in a surf page . I have  a button that triggers the path selector.   Here is the code of the button:   function selectFolder(e){   var cFolder = new Alfresco.module.DoclibGlobalFolder("doclib-selectFilterPath");   var allowedViewModes =  … (Show more)
I getting the error Node has 2 primary paths: (40173, workspace://SpacesStore/7e519c80-dc62-4da7-a346-73b0abd55749) while searching for documents.   I even can query the node using noderef in node browser.   I tried deleting the node by javascript API using remove() in javascript console but it is not getting deleted. Getting the following… (Show more)
I am currently using V1 upload URL {URL} /alfresco/api/-default-/public/alfresco/versions/1/nodes/-root-/children and it returns nodeId. However, for downloading the document I would need extra information about node such as store_type and store-id. Can I always assume that store-type would always be workspace and the store-id to be SpacesStore?… (Show more)
Hello everyone. I am trying to create a model2java code generator for the Alfresco model.xml files. Everything was going a-ok until i ran into the problem of actually getting hold of Alfresco types outside the normal bean bootstrapping. Basically I need to get hold of both the NodeService(at least only the NodeService for now) and whatever… (Show more)
Hi, I am trying to get datalist item for dropdown of my custom form and for that i am using lucene query. is it good to use lucene query to get data?
Is there a call in the REST API that will return a DocX file as plain text?  I'm currently working on an OnlyOffice plugin that would get content from Alfresco and paste it within the OnlyOffice Online Editor. I'm limited to html and js pages (one of each) so Im using the REST API.
Hello,   I am using alfresco 5.2. I need help with previewing documents. The quality of the preview is not same as in the document uploaded specially word document. the main issue is its not previewing graphs and diagrams. its working for pdf type documents only. I have attached screenshot for the preview and sharing an example file.   I have… (Show more)
I am trying to find out a way to compare 2 version of document without using MS Office. Is there any plug in /add-on/edittor/connector available to do that?
Hello,Everyone.i am using Alfresco 5.2 version.When I upload an office 2010  word document on alfresco, i cannot display this word document on Alfresco.How can i solve this problem?
i'm stuck from past 1 week for this topic , not able to create my own metadata content template  how many files are to be created and what are the dependency needed? i'm not able to figure it out properly  i have gone through all the alfresco documentation online and also with so many links but no progress at all  previously i mentioned this… (Show more)
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