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Alfresco Content Services (ECM)

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Hola no encuentro en la solución de Alfresco una vista que consolide las tareas de todos los usuarios? alguien sabe si existe algo, muchas gracias.  La idea es que el usuario administrador pueda tener una vista no solo de sus tareas sin que de toda la organización. Muchas gracias    Alfonso Avalos
Hello. I encounter a problem with a custom role I have created. Although the role is working as expected and permissions are granted correctly, I have a problem when I review the roles assigned to the members of a site. If a add user members to a site and the custom role is assigned to a user, everything works fine. Also, if I add a group as… (Show more)
We use Alfresco on the cloud to share documents with our clients. Our client is having issues as Alfresco seems to be blocked for them.   Here is the statement from the employee who is looking into the issue. Please if someone could help or give me an contact person who could help resolve this issue for us. " I checked all boundaries from NMCI to… (Show more)
after deploying the war file for alfresco all-in-one project, I can't able to see the login page for alfresco share. I am getting the below error message in screen. Anyone who gets this error previously, can say how to resolve this?
I have created a content model in repo folder and share-config-custom.xml in share folder. There is no issue with content-model.xml. After creating share-config-custom.xml it throws following error. only share war is failed to build. Please can anybody help me out from this issue.   Full Stack Trace :   [INFO] Scanning for projects... [WARNING]… (Show more)
I am running 5.1.1 on an environment and ran into an issue yesterday under peak load.   We had a couple of servers get into a bad state so we tried to do a rolling restart of Alfresco.   The servers wouldn't start up because of a Hazelcast timeout.   Probably because the cluster was so busy.   We had to stop everything to clear the cluster then… (Show more)
Hi, I'm running a v4.2.0 on a Tomcat 7.0.64 with 1GB of max Heap space. I've no problems for years, but in last weeks it ran in out of memory almost once a day.   I took some heap dump and made some tests, and I found the class resposible of memory retention:   org.alfresco.repo.webservice.repository.RepositoryQuerySession   Every time a… (Show more)
I'm missing a folder in the web frontend, that isn't deleted. All files from this folder are still present in alfresco database and in the contentstore.  Example file from folder: id | filename | content_size | content_url | uuid | audit_created 51959 | RG150359367812-sig.pdf | 90117 |… (Show more)
In architectural discussions for certain types of content applications, there are certain use cases that do NOT lend themselves well to hierarchical and inherited permissions assigned to (user/group) authorities.  Are there any changes being incorporated into future versions of Alfresco for rule drive entitlements (e.g. user is a member of a group… (Show more)
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