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Alfresco Content Services (ECM)

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How can I detect what users do and save it after they login from the share. For example when someone add a file, is there a way to save this action into a model, then to the database ?  Is there any traces to the different actions ?
Hello All,   i am running a rule on a folder in acs ... when doc (from type pt:TransmittalDoc is created (through APS)) the code reads the information related to that doc and show them in log ... here is my code:   function main() { var name =["cm:name"]; logger.system.out("show name "+name); var title =… (Show more)
Hi, I've just downloaded Alfresco Content Services Community Edition 6.0 - General Release: 201806 (Docker Version) and I have a few questions regarding Alfresco 6 and Acitiviti Integration.   1) Is it possible to use Acitviti Modeler to create a BPMN model with forms and deploy it to ACS 6? Is there any documentation on it? 2) Where can I… (Show more)
Failed to start component [StandardEngine[Catalina].StandardHost[localhost].StandardContext[/alfresco]]   solutions ?
Good day. I create a document in Alfresco using CMIS. Code: Session session = ... Folder parent = session.getRootFolder (); String textFileName = "test.txt"; // prepare content - a simple text file String content = "Hello World!"; String filename = textFileName; String mimetype = "text / plain; charset = UTF-8"; byte [] contentBytes =… (Show more)
Hello, when I enter this url: http://localhost:8088/alfresco/service/api/hypo/createcase?rayon_code=RM22&created_date=2019/03/03&case_number=123&record_id=312312 to postman I get error 500: "01200009 Wrapped Exception (with status template): nodeRef is a mandatory parameter"    I tried to google this exception but with no luck, can somebody give… (Show more)
Hi,   Iam facing memory leak issue in alfresco 5.2, Can any one tell what is the common reason for memory leak in alfresco 5.2 and how to solve it.   we have 64gb of ram in our windows server. and 60gb memory is being consumed. and shows 95% memory utilization and suddenly db connection will get depleted and i have to restart the services again… (Show more)
Good day. I ask for your help. how to start developing your own widgets or modules for alfresco
Click to view contentWe have a problem of searching peoples on none english brouser language settings. Then browser has main language "English" I can find my users by russian/ukrainian requests (as you can see on screenshort bellow).   But, after changing browser main language to "Russian" or "Ukraine" search by russian/ukrainian leters stops working. Search by… (Show more)
Hello everyone,   I have very strange behavior in Alfresco Community v5.1.e. We have the custom content model and based on it we created FTS query which is part of custom GET web script. When we execute this FTS query in Node Browser using different web browsers (Mozilla vs Chrome) we receive different results (Mozilla 2 results, Chrome 0… (Show more)
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