Site Blog Dashlet for Alfresco Share

Blog Post created by wabson Employee on Jun 29, 2010
Updated December 2010: Site Blog Dashlet is now hosted on Share Extras.

This extension to Alfresco Share provides a custom Site Dashlet, which displays the most recent ten posts from the site blog component.

[caption id='attachment_134' align='alignnone' width='300' caption='Site Blog Dashlet']Site Blog Dashlet[/caption]

To install the dashlet download the ZIP file package the latest blog-dashlet.jar file from the Share Extras project and extract the contents into the tomcat directory of your Alfresco installation drop it into tomcat/shared/lib or WEB-INF/lib inside the Share webapp. The package will install the dashlet web script and a single CSS file.

Also pictured in the screenshot is the Site Tags Dashlet, which displays a tag cloud visualisation for all the tags within a site.