eLearning - Training for All

Blog Post created by carlos.miguens Employee on Nov 30, 2010
We have just launched our first eLearning course, it feels like it has been a mammoth exercise, where the small team that we have has been dragged through fire and brimstone.

Our goals were extensive and we have produced some visually stunning material which explains complex Alfresco concepts in an easy to understand way.

We created this first course based on feedback from our user base and previous trainees, by having introductory courses online and self-paced people can take training from their office or home, at their own pace and in their own time. They don’t have to travel and the other costs normally associated with training when away from the office are eliminated.

Furthermore for our partners there is less opportunity cost, as eLearning can be taken at a time convenient to them rather than at a time designated by us or our training partners.

Creating this course started earlier this year, it is important for such eLearning courses that the content is correct, all examples work and mistakes in the text and narration are minimal. This is an expensive process. Even so because there is no instructor required for delivery we can make the price more appealing to a wider audience.

I’m hoping that this plays well for our ever growing community who have in the past found the cost of instructor-led training difficult to justify. Alfresco is a brilliant and sophisticated ECM system, but be complex to setup and administer.  We hope that training can make the Alfresco experience smoother for all.

I’ve told you what we have been doing now I have some questions for you? What do you think of online eLearning, have you participated in this type of training previously? How does it compare with instructor-led training?

See you in class soon.