Alfresco 5.1 Platform Update & Roadmap - Alfresco Day Boston, November 2015

Blog Post created by mindthegab_2098 on Nov 9, 2015

As a quick follow up on Ole's last post on the Alfresco 5.1 Platform changes, I wanted to share with you the Alfresco Platform Update & Roadmap presentation I gave last week at the Boston's Alfresco Day Developer Track.

It puts together the Developer Platform specific updates with all the other efforts we have done this year on the Platform side of Alfresco, including technical details of the Extreme Scalability / 1 Billion document benchmark and of the Upgrade Task Force (our investment toward simple upgrade of Alfresco instances) and a glance on Platform improvements in Alfresco 5.1 (e.g. Solr4 sharding, hint hint).

Check the slides below for all the details and as usual your feedback is welcome!