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After I wrote my last blog post on customizing the Create and Edit Site dialogs I realised that there was no single point of consolidated information on all of the many capabilities that are available in Aikau forms. Rather than trying to write everything up in a blog post I've decided to record a series of videos demonstrating as many of the different features as I could. The videos (that I've completed so far!) are embedded in this post but are available separately within the Alfresco Community platform. I've tried to break the content into manageable chunks (and still have a couple more videos to record) but there is still a lot of footage to get through!


Part 1 - The Basics

This video goes through the basics of setting up a form and the common configuration attributes that all form controls share.


Part 2 - Advanced Data Handling

This video goes through options for setting values in the form (via publication, URL hash, etc) as well as covering form warning configuration.


Part 3 - Options Handling

This video covers dynamic options handling showing how to access data from the Alfresco Repository in a variety of different form controls as well as examples for configuring how multi-value data is handled.


Part 4 - Layout and Dialogs

Coming soon!


Part 5 - Multiple Entry Form Controls

Coming soon!

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