Quick tips for migrating SDK3 projects to ACS 6

Blog Post created by angelborroy Employee on Jul 12, 2018

This article is about modules for the ACS repository and does not cover Share. Share modules from previous Alfresco versions can be deployed to ACS 6 without modifications.


This article describes how to migrate Alfresco SDK 3 based projects alfresco-platform-jar-archetype to Alfresco SDK 3 projects including the new dependencies from ACS 6. However, as a third party developer, it might be a lot easier for you to wait for the next version of the official Alfresco SDK.


Step 1: Upgrade Alfresco and Share versions


Find following properties in your original pom.xml file...




... and replace the values with the following numbers...




Step 2: Change Alfresco distribution dependency name


Identify Alfresco distribution dependency in your original pom.xml file...




...and replace the name by using the following entry...




From this point you can compile and package your addon for ACS 6. 


Step 3: Refactor your code where required


Updates that might affect your custom code are (among others):


  • Spring
  • Quartz
  • POI
  • Jackson
  • multiple commons-* libraries


Removed libraries:


  • Hibernate


ACS 6 Migration Guide wiki page collects useful information about updating Java code to work with the ACS6 repository.




These simple instructions can be applied to upgrade your repository addons to ACS 6, but Alfresco will release a detailed guide for migration procedures in the future.