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The end of July comes with great news, folks! We have officially released Alfresco Governance Services 3.0. Governance Services? Yes, this release is all about changes! Records Management has upgraded its name along with a few other things like dependencies and the way of deploying the final product. 


Among the changes, by far the most important changes are compatibility with ACS 6.0(RM-6410,  RM-6135) including the removal of SDK and H2(RM-6295), upgrading to Spring 5(RM-6314) and starting using a containerized deployment environment with Docker (RM-6138).


Why Docker and a containerized environment?


A containerized deployment brings the advantage of deploying the product faster on any environment. As part of our release, we are publishing the community images to Docker Hub and, and the enterprise ones only to


The images can be downloaded from these locations and used in a blink of an eye no matter on what environment. Based on your needs, you can choose to download the AGS repository image by itself, or also download the AGS Share image if you want to use our UI.


What's new in 3.0?

Alfresco Governance Services as you see has rebranded and continues with a series of changes. As mentioned in the last release, the most awaited change was the compatibility with ACS 6.0 which came with loads of upgrades when it comes to dependencies. The compatibility changes consisted in updating the schedulers(RM-6313) and the Jackson library(RM-6315), removing Hibernate(RM-6316) and upgrading the Spring  version(RM-6314).


Another new thing that you will enjoy is the continuously updated Docker images we're creating from our builds. For every successful build, new AGS repository and AGS Share docker images are created with the latest tag, then they are pushed to and also on Docker Hub for the community ones. Also at every new release, the AGS images will be published with the tag containing the release version.

To get our community images check AGS-repository and AGS-share for the latest versions.


What's coming up next?

We've been working closely with some of you to address your needs and concerns, and our near future plans reflect that. We're working on integrating AGS Enterprise with Amazon Glacier, to open up access to long term cost effective storage for records and other content. This is the next step in our drive to improve and develop Alfresco's Information Lifecycle Management functionality.

Alongside that new module, we'll improve our build infrastructure in order to be able to release faster, and have a series of planned incremental improvements to our core RM features, based on feedback from the field. Keep an eye on JIRA for details of those.


We hope that this release was as you expected it to be and we hope to keep you excited about what’s coming up next too. If you have anything that you would like to know about the current release or if there’s anything you would like to see in the near future please let us know.


You can use any channel to contact us like using the comments below or writing a message to any of the team members.





It is time, at last, to announce the release of the Records Management Community 2.7.b, which follows 2.7.a from February and brings improvements over the existing features, mostly on auditing events and on the search results.


What's in 2.7.b?

In this release, we have focused more on fixing audit bugs, for instance, event filtering (RM-5794, RM-5234), logging user creation and deletion (RM-5235) and logging group events (RM-5236).


Another noteworthy improvement is that we have also fixed a security issue (RM-6275) and a few bugs on the search feature, including GROUP_EVERYONE disappearing from search results after installing RM module (RM-2504).


Also on the records search results, we have introduced a new component in the metadata, the Record Category Identifier that refers to the record category that is the first in the record primary parental hierarchy (RM-6137).

For those who missed the wiki pages, now they can enjoy the feature again as the bug of not being able to create new pages has been fixed (MNT-19114).


What's coming up next?


Most significantly, compatibility with community release of ACS 6.0.x is our priority for the next release in AGS 3.0.a, and as usual we will continue to keep you updated on this.


We are really interested to hear about your feedback on 2.7.b or on anything that you would like to see in our future releases. You may use both the comments below or consider writing a message to any of the team members.




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