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General Description

The SpaceSelector component provides two modes. The first is to display the currently selected space (which may be preset by the developer) and the second is to allow the user to select a new space by browsing the hierarchy using drill-down selection techniques. The selector is wrapped in an outer TABLE element.

Tag Details

label='<string>' MANDATORY

Custom tag attributes

style - CSS style applied to the outer table.

styleClass - CSS style class applied to the outer table.

nodeStyle - CSS style applied to the node links.

nodeStyleClass - CSS style class applied to the node links.

label - label string to display when no space selection has been made e.g. 'Click to Select a Space'.

spacing - the spacing value in pixels between the space links when browsing the hierarchy.

initialSelection - Specifies the Id of the space to show initially in the selector once the user attempts to select a space. This indicates the 'home' space for the selector. This should be value bound to a node ID string.

value - Specifies the Id of the current value of the selector. This should be value bound to a node ID string.


Example showing the component bound to a node Id with an initially selected space and a home space specified in the initial selection, it also demonstrates a dotted border style applied around the edge of the selector component:

<r:spaceSelector label='Click to select a Space' value='#{Bean.spaceId}' 
      initialSelection='#{Bean.homeSpaceId}' style='border: 1px dashed #cccccc; padding: 4px;'/>


Shows the Space Selector without an initial selection ready to be clicked by the user:


Shows the Space Selector in selection mode, the user can browse the hierarchy by clicking the links or select a Space radio button and press OK:


Showa the Space Selector after a selection has been made. The user can click the space link again to open up the hiearchy and make another selection: