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Is there a way to internationalise spaces names ?
The need is to share spaces amongst users of different languages.
So, I would like to use a bundle reference as a name, say 'myBundle.DRAFTS_SPACE' that would translate according to definitions in the bundles.

I answer my own question :
It may be possible after a code modification of the actionLink tag sot that it interprets the content of value

<a:actionLink value='#{r.name}' actionListener='#{BrowseBean.clickSpace}'>
<f:param name='id' value='#{r.id}' />

would become

<a:actionLink value='#{r.name}' interpret='yes'  actionListener='#{BrowseBean.clickSpace}'>
<f:param name='id' value='#{r.id}' />

It may be necessary to give the name of the bundle too. (Shame on me, I never developped my own tags).

Needs Work: This page, including the above discussion, is out-of-date. Most of this content should be merged into [Language_Packs], though the section on looking up a localized string might belong in [Multilingual_Document_Support]. Once the content has been merged, this page should redirect to [Multilingual_Document_Support]. Resplin (talk) 20:04, 11 September 2013 (BST)