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Use CasesNeeds to be Reviewed


To distinguish from the JCR and WebDAV usages and to address the issues of cross platform access to and from non-Java repositories, there are the basic high-level use cases of managing content from a non-Java platform or accessing a non-Java enabled repository such as Microsoft Sharepoint. This is the uber usecase of using a content management application that can create, read, update, delete, query, browse and review content.

Discussion on WebDAV vs. Web Services, REST vs. Service interface:

  • No SOA model currently exists
  • WebDAV does not provide set oriented content operations
  • Operations should be course-grained simplify
  • Result sets should be randomly addressable
  • Support of BPEL processes


User Goal


  1. User - using a web application
  2. Web Application - A non-Java web application developed by a web-services or SOA enabled platform


  1. User logins into web application
  2. Web Application connects to a pre-defined list of repository of interest
  3. Web Application identifies initial content list for this user
  4. Web Application lists an initial set of content, content containers and/or saved queries for the user to browse
  5. User processes the content items identified in the list
  6. User updates the content items identified in the list
  7. User continues browsing through content list and repeats number 4
  8. User logs out from web application


2.a. User fails login.

3.a. Web application query definition can fail to identify .

4.a. Execution of query fails

5.a. Content items may no longer exist or are not accessible

5.b. The user will have a choice of actions to perform on the content item: view, access more information, browse futher

6.a. The user may not choose to update. This is potentially an optional feature.

6.b. The user will have a choice of actions to perform on the content item: update, delete, and relate to another content item

7.a. User decides to exit application