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A Note on the Contents of this Page

Note that the contents of this page are at the moment 'Thinking out loud'.  There are likely to be many mistakes, nonsense, and pipe dreams.  We invite you to get involved and help us dream and plan. We will be carving out a road map from the contents of these few inital pages --- now is the time to get involved.


Portal and Alfresco WCM

Some websites depend on both content and user interaction (application) behaviour presented in a seamless way.  Portal provides a strong capability for supporting this functionality as an aggrator of applications in to a single, seamless markup language like HTML. 

Portal presents some challanges to the preview model and some of the concepts targeted by WCM because rendering is largely decentralized, some of which occurs at the portal level while other rendering occurs in the individual tiles. 

We should discuss the various strategies and topologies that could be used to enable the preview/staging/versioned sites capabilites target by WCM because they are powerful and and what really empower business users to make a site happen without the intervention of IT which is the goal.  Enable the business to mangage and control the look and feel of thier site, and get IT out of the way.  The marrage of strong content management features like Alfresco and Alfresco WCM will really showcase the power of portal technology as can be gimpsed by the current Liferay CMS solution.