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Permissions Tests

These tests have been updated so they run on Alfresco 1.4, and are not backwards compatible.


These tests check the different permission roles for Spaces and Content.


The test performs the following:

  • Imports an ACP package that contains a space structure containing all permission types
  • Validates that Admin can see all the permission spaces (including a Space with No Permissions)
  • Logs out Admin and Logs in as Test User
  • Validates that Test User can see all the permission spaces excluding the No Permissions space
    • if No Permissions space is detected then post a Fail
  • Navigate into each space and perform the following test
    • view the spaces details and look at the Actions available for the current level of Permissions
    • view the content items (within the space) details and look at the Actions available for the current level of Permissions
    • navigate back to the parent space ready to check the next space
  • Cleans up the test
    • Logs out Test User and logs back in as Admin
    • Deletes the Permission Spaces
    • Deletes the imported ACP

Automated Script

You can download the script for your own use from the Alfresco Forge.

Future Enhancements

Future enhancements include binding the Permission checks to a spreadsheet so that any changes in Permissions or Actions made to the client can be fed into updating a spreadsheet instead of changing the test's code.
Deeper probe into trying to perform actions that are not allowed by the tested Permissions level and checking for 'Permission Denied' messages.