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The official documentation is at:

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Permissions Tests

These tests have been updated so they run on Alfresco 1.4, and are not backwards compatible.


These tests check the Exporting of Content and Spaces, and the correct importing of the exported ACP files.


The test performs the following:

  • Logs in as Admin
  • Creates a Test User
  • Creates a new Space  - ExpRoot, to contain the exported ACPs
  • Runs Exp_Imp test 1
    • This script checks the export and import of a space with content containing Japanese characters

  • Runs Exp_Ipm test 2
    • This script check the export without children of a space with children, and validates that the import contains no children
  • Runs Exp_Imp test 3
    • This script checks the export without including This Space (only the content and not the space) and validates that the import contains only the content and not the space.
  • Cleans up the testuser and the test spaces.

Automated Script

You can download the script for your own use from the Alfresco Forge.

Future Enhancements

Future enhancements include increasing the Export tests to include locked documents, forums etc.