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This page provides an Alfresco Workflow Definition sample.


<describe the purpose of your workflow>


<who are you>

Implementation Notes

<commentary on how the workflow was implemented>


<link to a zip archive of all the workflow definition source code - Note: give the archive file an extension of .acp, so it may be uploaded to this WIKI>

Deployment Configuration

Filename: <file name of deployment configuration>

<provide the spring configuration for deploying your workflow>

Process Definition (jPDL)

Filename: <file name of process definition>

<provide the process definition jPDL>

Task Model

Filename: <file name of task model, if one>

<provide the task model configuration, if one>

Resource Bundles

Filename: <file name of resource bundle, if one>

<provide the resource bundle, if one>

Web Client Configuration

Filename: <file name of web client configuration>

<provide the Web Client configuration, if one>