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The official documentation is at: http://docs.alfresco.com

Table of Contents

MoSCoW List

Timebox 1

Browse Doclib

Description: Allow user to navigate a document library from an arbitrary root node using common UI paradigms such as tree view, vertical path, document list.

Single document check out & check in

Upload single document

Multi-document upload

Create content (inline)

Create folder

In-line content edit

Show document preview

Move, rename and copy single document

Move, rename and copy multiple documents

Delete single document

Delete a folder

Timebox 2

Multi-asset check-in / check-out (same folder)

Commenting on documents (discussions)

Manage permissions

Create URL objects

Email document link

Navigation and download links for documents and spaces

Delete multiple documents

Start workflow

Execute a script

Create site shortcut

Execute custom action against single and multiple documents

Bulk upload via zip, tar, acp

Upload direct from filesystem

Transform document

Timebox 3

Document workflow status

J2EE Portlet compatibility