Changing Default Port Configuration

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With some installations, the alfresco default port shall be moved from port 8080. This works fine with the Alfresco Explorer, but may break the Alfresco Share authentication application with the error 'Unable to retrieve License information from Alfresco'.

Alfresco Share

To configure Alfresco Share to use a different host or port number.

For tomcat installations, first ensure is configured as per Install_Tomcat6

In the file tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension/share-config-custom.xml

  1. Remove the begin and end comment lines and --> surrounding this section

       <config evaluator='string-compare' condition='Remote'>
                <name>Alfresco - unauthenticated access</name>
                <description>Access to Alfresco Repository WebScripts that do not require authentication</description>

                <name>Alfresco - user access</name>
                <description>Access to Alfresco Repository WebScripts that require user authentication</description>

                <name>Alfresco Feed</name>
                <description>Alfresco Feed - supports basic HTTP authentication via the EndPointProxyServlet</description>

  2. Change all ports from 8080 to the desired port.


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