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The official documentation is at:

Official Alfresco AMI for Amazon EC2

This is the official Alfresco 3.2 Community Edition built on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and installed using the Alfresco package from the Canonical partner repository.

Alfresco has released this image to encourage developers to build cloud-ready content applications that leverage Alfresco's Enterprise Content Management (ECM) features and standard API's such as Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS).

32 and 64-bit images now available for US and EU regions.

Running and Accessing the Image


  • SSH Keypair: You should already have an EC2 keypair created, if not, create one through the command-line tools or the AWS Console
  • Firewall Security Group Configuration: Minimally, ports 80 (HTTP) and 7070 (Sharepoint Protocol) must be opened. TCP port 22 will be useful for SSH and port 8080 for direct access to the Tomcat server (useful for development).
  • Instance Type Recommendation: A 'c1.medium' server is adequate for small test or development deployments. However, an m1.large instance is the minimum requirement for a production use.

Starting the Server

Simply instantiate the server image through the  AWS Console or command-line tool.  Please be patient, it can take about 5-10 minutes to start up completely. Once that happens, point your browser  to the external IP or public DNS name of your new instance. A welcome screen will direct you to the Alfresco Explorer or Alfresco Share user interfaces.

The default Alfresco login is: admin

The default Alfresco password is: admin

IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE: Please change the Alfresco and MySQL password as soon as possible. The Alfresco password can be changed from the Alfresco Explorer UI while the MySQL password needs to be changed by connecting to the server via SSH. See 'Database Details' below.

SSH Details

These Ubuntu-based images require that you SSH as the 'ubuntu' user, not as 'root'.

$ ssh ubuntu@<EC2_PUBLIC_DNS> -i <EC2_SSH_KEY>

Starting and Stopping Alfresco and MySQL

You can use the service manager to start and stop Tomcat and MySQL:

$ sudo service tomcat6 [stop | start | restart]
$ sudo service mysql [stop | start | restart]

Important File Locations

Tomcat: /usr/share/tomcat6

Tomcat JAVA_OPTS Overrides: /etc/default/tomcat6

Alfresco WAR Files: /usr/share/tomcat6/webapps

Alfresco Config Files: /usr/share/tomcat6/shared/classes

Log Files: /var/log/tomcat6

Alfresco Content Store and Indexes: /var/lib/alfresco

MySQL Data: /var/lib/mysql

Database Details

IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTICE: The passwords for both the MySQL 'root' and 'alfresco@localhost' users is 'alfresco'. Please change them and edit the password in /usr/share/tomcat6/shared/classes/

Using EBS Volumes

Eventually, the images will support auto-attaching and mounting of volumes. In the interim, to use an EBS volume, you must do the following:

  1. Shutdown both Alfresco and MySQL as noted above.
  2. Create an EBS volume of at least 10GB. This volume must exist in the same Availability Zone as the Alfresco server instance.
  3. Attach the EBS volume to your Alfresco server instance.
  4. Format and mount the EBS volume to /vol or some other location. Tips on formatting and mounting EBS volumes may be found at:
  5. Configure MySQL to use the new storage volume by editing /etc/my.cnf
  6. Change the Alfresco dir.root location to the new volume by editing /usr/share/tomcat6/shared/classes/
  7. Copy MySQL data files and Alfresco content store to new volume location.
  8. Edit /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld to reflect the new location of the mysql data directory
  9. Reboot the server
  10. Start and test MySQL
  11. Start and test Tomcat / Alfresco

More detailed instructions will be provided at a later time.

Release Notes

Alfresco 3.2+RM Community Edition Release 1.2 - AMI v1.2

US Region
32-bit AMI: ami-817497e8

32-bit Manifest:

64-bit AMI:' ami-277b984e

64-bit Manifest:

EU Region
32-bit AMI: ami-cc2d06b8

32-bit Manifest:

64-bit AMI: ami-c22d06b6

64-bit Manifest:

Release Date: 10/30/09

This fourth release upgrades the operating system to Ubuntu 9.10 Final and adds Alfresco Records Management as well as the Mobile UI.

Alfresco 3.2 Community Edition Release 1.1 - AMI v1.1

US Region
32-bit AMI: ami-68ea0901

32-bit Manifest:

64-bit AMI: ami-96eb08ff

64-bit Manifest:

EU Region
32-bit AMI: ami-36456e42

32-bit Manifest:

64-bit AMI: ami-34456e40

64-bit Manifest:

Release Date: 10/08/09

This third release upgrades the operating system to Ubuntu 9.10 Beta and introduces 64-bit AMIs. Images now available in US and EU regions.

Alfresco 3.2 Community Edition Release 1.1 - AMI v0.4

AMI: ami-7055b519


Release Date: 9/23/09

This second release upgrades the operating system to Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 6 and now includes the Alfresco Sharepoint Module. Note: Please remember to open TCP port 7070 in your EC2 security group configuration.

Alfresco 3.2 Community Edition Release 1.0 - AMI v0.3

AMI: ami-906585f9


Release Date: 9/16/09

This is the first public release of the Alfresco EC2 image. New releases will be made to add new features or to address any issues or bugs.

This release does not include the Sharepoint module nor the experimental mobile UI for iPhone and other mobile devices with advanced browsers.