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The official documentation is at:

About the Alfresco Developer Guide (Jeff Potts, 2008)

This page collects information, tips and errors about the book 'Alfresco Developer Guide' from Jeff Potts. The page is not related with Jeff Potts, his company or Alfresco in any way, but just a collection of things, the readers noticed while reading.

Errors and Tips regarding the book 'Alfresco Developer Guide' (v1 from 10/2008)

1) Debugging with Eclipse. It is not enough to set the 'repo.jscript' Debug. You need to set the ScriptLogger as well.

Question: Are there further tips so support Modeling debugging ?

2) listing multiple models. (page 299)
somco-model-context - in book is listed in one bean, which will lead to error message 'list expects </list>'
The downloadable code example is correct :

    <bean id='someco.dictionaryBootstrap' parent='dictionaryModelBootstrap' depends-on='dictionaryBootstrap'>
        <property name='models'>
    <bean id='someco.workflowBootstrap'
        <property name='models'>

3) Tip regarding step 13 page 299 : The string 'scWorkflow' in 'alfresco.extension.scWorkflow' derives from (path + name of property file, containing the externalized strings).

4) The Hotdeployment function, mentioned in Appendix C, does only work, if you deploy files that do not exist in the 'webabbs' folder. An override, as suggested by the info lines in the administration console, does not happen. On restart, however, the uploaded 'web-client-confg-custom.xml' does override the webapps version !


  1. Q: Is there a difference between the blog and the book ? A: Certainly, the book is more elaborate and more up to date. But if you pay attention in the blog, you can save 20% off the sales prices :)