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Are you an Alfresco developer looking to pitch in, but you aren't exactly sure what projects are out there that could use your help? You've come to the right place. This page seeks to match up open source projects with Alfresco developer resources.

If any of these projects look interesting to you, feel free to reach out to the main contact directly, or if one exists, refer to the project's home page for contact information.

This page is for lists of coding projects. Other ways to contribute are listed on the page How to Contribute.


Alfresco Projects Looking for Contributors


Hack-a-thon Ideas


Each hack-a-thon generates a list of projects that don't get completed. Consider adopting one.

Facebook Integration


The Facebook Inegration allows your Alfresco server to be the back-end for a content-centric Facebook application. The integration is implemented as a set of web scripts and some extensions to the web script engine itself.

Technologies involved:

  • Web Scripts & the Web Script Framework
  • FBML
  • Facebook app development, in general


Current code location: Google Code

Primary contact: Jeff Potts


Flex SDK


Current code location: Alfresco SVN

Proposed code location: Google Code




The PHP API is an example implementation that uses the Alfresco Web Services API to expose a client-side PHP API that can interact with the Alfresco repository.

Technologies involved:

  • PHP
  • SOAP
  • Alfresco Web Services API

Current code location: Google Code

Primary contact: refer to the Google Code project's member's list.


Dropbox Integration


Dropbox integration allows you to sync a folder in the repository with your Dropbox account.

Technologies involved:

  • Alfresco Share
  • Dropbox API

Current code location: Google Code

Primary  contact: refer to the Google Code project's  member's list.