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Obsolete Pages{{Obsolete}}

The official documentation is at:

A list of common questions not answered by the official documentation. This list can be used by the docs team to fill in gaps.

  • Answer location is probably a wiki page. Useful for those searching for an answer to the question, and for the docs team in preparing an official doc. Can list more than one source.
  • Where it was asked is a representative location of the question being asked. It will probably be the forums. This is optional, but it provides useful context for justifying get the doc written. Can list more than one.
  • Official response can be filled in when we actually write the doc, or we can just delete the row.


  • Answer Location (Optional)
  • Where Asked (Optional)
  • Official Response

How can I configure Alfresco to purge old orphaned content from the trash area?

  • Answer Location:


  • Where Asked

  • Official Response

How do I configure a custom transformation?

  • Answer Location:


  • Where Asked


  • Official Response