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Decide what information belongs in the wiki

  • We want to avoid confusion with the official documentation
  • Below is a proposed structure containing topics we think belong in the wiki


  • Go through the most frequently referenced pages, and if they are obsolete link them to the proper place in the documentation
  • Use a script to remove all the categories
  • Recategorize useful pages

Point to the official documentation

  • Identify official documentation that should replace a page
  • Add a link to that documentation at the top of the page (Template Tag)
  • Remove from the page all information that belongs in the official documentation
  • If something should be in the official documentation, but is not covered there yet, create an issue in the ALF project with Documentation component.

Update and cleanup

  • End of life tag on functionality that has been officially end-of-lifed

Completed Steps

  • Create an 'Obsolete' template tag

-- Maybe I should have called it 'Archived' but 'Obsolete' is stronger
-- 'Obsolete' works for functionality related pages, but doesn't really work  for historical pages (meetups, release notes, community information)
-- Maybe should change the definition of the Obsolete tag to say 'Archived'

  • Use a script to mark all pages as obsolete and add them to the obsolete category
  • Find pages which are current and useful, and remove the obsolete tag and category

Page Templates

Maintenance Hints

Link to edit the left sidebar.

Bulk Updates

Pywikibot is a great tool for maintaining the wiki. Here are some tips:

  • Please create a separate user for bot updates
  • Configure it to use our wiki by adding this line to family_files['alfresco'] = ''
  • I used the add_text script, and by default it makes the edits asynchronously in a background thread. This caused problems when it asked for my password to login (it wasn't reading my cookie). I solved this by replacing the call to page.put_async with page.put.

This is the command line I constructed to add the Obsolete templatetag to each page:

  python -namespace:0 -titleregex='.*' -summary:'Bot: Marking    all pages as obsolete.' -text='Obsolete Pages{{Obsolete}}\
  The official documentation is at:\
  ' -except:'{{Obsolete' -up -v -debug -simulate

Proposed Structure

  • Home Page 
  • Community Edition 
    • Release X_X_Y file list
    • Release X_X_Y release notes
    • Source Code (Subversion Access)
    • Upgrades
    • Diff b/w Enterprise & Community
  • How to Contribute 
    • Reporting Issues
      • How to submit a great bug report
    • Contributions
      • Featured Contributions
      • Coding Standards
      • How to Submit a Patch
      • Contributions that could be done in less than an hour
      • Making Major Contributions
    • Translations
      • Creating a Lanugage Pack
      • Community Translation Process
    • Help Wanted
    • Forums
      • Forums Moderation
    • Wiki
      • Wiki Editing Guidelines
  • Getting Started 
    • Learning Resources
      • Books
    • Installation
      • Installation on Glassfish
    • Development Environment
    • Packaging and Deploying Extensions
    • Administration
  • Technical Reference 
    • Data Dictionary Guide
    • Security Advisory
  • Examples 
    • JavaScript
    • Multi-Lingual Content
    • Models
    • Integrations
      • CAS
    • Webscript Examples
  • Your Community 
    • Meetups
      • Starting a Meetup
      • Local Communities
      • Past Community Events
    • Online Events
      • Live
    • Community Spotlight
      • Spotlight Jane Smith
      • Spotlight John Smith
    • Newsletter
    • Hack-a-thons
    • IRC
  • Roadmap 
    • Roadmap 2014
    • Roadmap 2013
  • Engineering Notes 
  • Archive 
  • Company (Do we need this? Should just be a link to on the Main Page?)
    • History (Do we need this?)

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