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This content is part of the Alfresco ADF getting started tutorials and describes how to run your application for the very first time. Now that your Alfresco ADF application has been created, in this task we are going to see how to run your application for the very first time and start using it. Also in this case, everything is very straightforward following the commands described below.


  • Open a terminal and move to the folder representing your brand new application (in this example my-adf).


  • Run the command below to install all the project dependencies. Please note that this command is going to download some resources from the web, so it will require some time to be completed.


npm install


  • Run the command below to launch the application and make it available.


npm start


Please note that some warning messages could appear in your terminal. In any case, they don’t affect the success of the launch.


  • Once the application is up and running, it will be available by default at the url http://localhost:3000. Open a browser, access to the login page and remember to use valid credentials for Activiti BPM and Alfresco ECM (for this purpose we suggest to create a new user with Administrator’s permits into Alfresco with username and admin as password).


Below the login page that will appear into the browser, at your first access.


Login form for your first application using Alfresco ADF.


Once you login with success, the home page below will be shown into your browser.


Home page of your first application using Alfresco ADF.


Please let us know for any issue or problem, requesting for support into the Community Portal dedicated to the Alfresco ADF or chatting into the Gitter space dedicated to the Alfresco Angular 4 components.


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