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Community-Sourced Video Program

We've recently launched a community-sourced video program where we are asking you, our community members, to showcase your expertise by creating how-to videos for the community. If you're interested in contributing, you can sign up to create an Alfresco video.


Below are some tips on how to record and what to contribute.


What to record

We’re looking for videos that will help Alfresco Administrators and Developers. These can be any Alfresco product, though we’re most interested in videos for Alfresco Content Services or Alfresco Process Services, as these have the most users.

And we want your video to be of benefit to as large an audience as possible. So for example, setting a standard configuration that most admins would do. Take a look at a couple of older Jeff Potts videos for some ideas of useful areas to cover

There are also plenty of our own videos that you can use as examples.


Videos should:

  • Be task-based rather than conceptual.
  • Cover only one task. If there’s an “and” in the title then consider if it’s actually better as two videos.
  • Use your video to tell a story with a start and an end.
  • For the latest versions of Alfresco products.
  • Keep it short. Less than 2 minutes is ideal, more than 4 minutes and, well, would you sit through it?


So that we don’t get lots of videos covering the same topics, please add your proposed video titles and descriptions to this document.


A few examples of topics you might want to cover are:

  • How to develop a WebScript on Alfresco Content Services
  • How to develop a Custom Stencil in Alfresco Process Services
  • How to customize the ng2-alfresco-documentlist component in ADF to point to your personal User Home folder


How to record

We’ve put together a couple of short videos (see below) for the practical side of creating a video. You’ll need to bear in mind things like:

  • Screen resolution (1280 x 720 or 2560 x 1440)
  • No background noise on audio
  • No visual clutter such as other tabs or notifications
  • Clear and engaging audio


If you’d prefer not to have your voice broadcast to the world then that’s fine, one of the Alfresco team can do the voiceover for you. (We may ask to do this anyway if we think it will make the video clearer, but we’d prefer to use your audio if possible).


You can also have a read of our own Alfresco Documentation guidelines that we use when creating videos.


Tips on recording audio


Tips on recording video



When you’re done, save your video as an mp4 and add it to your preferred storage location. Then email us a link to so that we can download it.


We’ll add on the Alfresco start and end title sequences for you and publish it on


If videos don't meet the standards laid out above, then we retain the right to turn them down. If you have any questions or concerns about the content you want to record then contact us on


Already have a video?

While we're ideally looking for new videos, you may already have some videos on your Youtube channel that would be perfect to add to the community. If so then please send us a link and we can embed them here.

YouTube videos aren't eligible for the limited-edition t-shirt, but you'll still get the community points. 

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