Projects and Teams Global Virtual Hack-a-thon 2017

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These are project ideas and teams for the 2017 Global Virtual Hack-a-thon.




For people with a project idea

For each project, you should consider addressing the following:

  • The idea owner(s)
  • A brief description
  • Any prep work for the project, such as developer tools or skills participants should understand


We encourage you to keep your project idea short and provide any additional details in separate document or blog post within the Collaborate space. This may also allow you to coordinate with potential team members via the comments there without being mixed in with any discussions on this page.


For people looking to join a project

Please feel free to add your name to any project(s) you are interested in participating. Don't hesitate to add your name to multiple projects if you are considering multiple at this point. We encourage you to use this platform to contact the owner of an idea to discuss any details you are unsure about or even improve upon the idea.


Apart from any plans you make with the owner of an idea, you are not bound to actually participate in the project you indicated here. When you join the hack-a-thon on the day of the event you can check with other project teams and join a different project, if that turns out to be a better fit for you.


For everyone

The global virtual hack-a-thon is as much a social event as it is a coding one. This means a lot of the attendees for this event often use it to exchange ideas and discuss other matters in the general Alfresco context. To do this, everyone that attends the global virtual hack-a-thon should be prepared to join any of the commonly used communication channels for this event. In the past the main tools have been the IRC chat #alfresco (via or a desktop client) and Google Hangouts.


After the event has come to an end, we encourage everyone that worked on a specific project idea to update the listing on this page with an overview of the project team and a link / reference to the results of the project (e.g. a GitHub repository, document or blog post in this space).




Community Platform / Engagement


Platform Document Review + Action Plan

Idea owner: Axel Faust

Description: In September 2016 the existing community wiki contents were migrated "as-is" from the old MediaWiki-based system into the Jive community platform. This includes a lot of content that was already marked as obsolete in a bulk operation by Richard Esplin since the Alfresco product had outpaced the community efforts (or lack thereof) to keep the information up-to-date. This information still is the bulk of the "documents" inside the ECM space today and only a few documents have been added since.

As part of this project, the community should review the documents that are currently contained in this platform, determine content that would be important to update / add and define an "action plan" of priorities / topics that should be covered. It may be unrealistic to try to make this platform into a full fledged wiki again (and keep it up-to-date/relevant), but if we can identify areas where documents could provide a significant "added value" to the official documentation, efforts could be much more concentrated and efficient, e.g. considering the "work/points balance".

Prep work: None really, but it sure does not hurt to look through the existing content and maybe think about what important contents you have been missing before...

Interested parties:

  • Helen Mullally
  • Adelaide Nxumalo


Content Services


Azure DevOps Plugin

Idea owner: Piergiorgio Lucidi

Description: Implement an extension for adding DevOps capabilities integrated with Azure

Some potential features:

  • Containers management
  • Decorating with metadata, tags for advanced search
  • JavaScript API extension
  • Deployment against Azure

Prep work: Familiarity with Alfresco SDK 3, Alfresco Repository Java-backed web script and how to configure Alfresco Share is recommended to get the most from participating in this project.

Interested parties:

  • be the first...


Better Trash Management

Idea owner: Axel Faust

Description: Current trashcan management tools in out-of-the-box Alfresco are extremely underwhelming. The page to clear / restore items is extremely user unfriendly (you can either clear everything of have to wade through a sea of checkbox-marking + data reloading; you cannot search and only see the top level deleted item) and the trashcan cleaner (both as an addon and as an integrated tool in 5.2) is a brute force job that deals with large amounts of deleted items extremely inefficiently.

It should be pretty straight forward to build a far better experience using Share/Aikau and Alfresco's full-text search capabilities.

Prep work: Work with the current solutions and fuel your motivation with the pain + suffering that they inflinct... And maybe have a good understanding of how to write Aikau UIs.

Interested parties:

  • be the first...


Persistent, runtime subsystem configuration (OOTBee Support Tools)

Idea owner: Axel Faust

Description: Alfresco subsystems always provided an API to change their configuration at runtime, be restarted and use an abstract backend to hold persistent state. This is part of the Alfresco core, so it should not be quite simple to fill in the few missing pieces to get a similar "runtime configuration" experience that Alfresco Enterprise always provided to its users. This could then be used as a basis for OOTBee Support Tools to provide the UI tools for administration users.

Prep work: Check out OOTBee Support Tools, get to know our approach to adding new tools and maybe try to work on a small contribution for an issue in our backlog to get acquainted with our contribution process...

Interested parties:

  • be the first...


Example ECM Project

Idea owner: John Doe

Description: Implement cool prototype with technology X to showcase the ability of Alfresco to act as B...

Prep work: Familiarity with Alfresco SDK 3 and Alfresco Repository Java-backed web script / service implementation is recommended to get the most from participating in this project


Interested parties:

  • John Doe
  • Jane Doe


Process Services


Example BPM Project

Idea owner: John Doe

Description: TBD

Prep work: TBD


Interested parties:

  • Amruta Wandakar
  • Anita Patil


Application Development Framework


Example ADF Project

Idea owner: John Doe

Description: TBD

Prep work: TBD


Interested parties:

  • TBD
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