Alfresco Community Edition 6.0

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What's new in Alfresco Community Edition 6.0

This page lists the new features added to Alfresco Community Edition during the 6.0 line of releases. Release bundles are named for the month they were generated, and may contain components from different versions of the product.


As a major release, Alfresco Community Edition 6.0 contains some changes which are not backwards compatible.


Platform Shared Services

Content Repository

Code Organization and Package Names

The repository source code has been migrated from Subversion to Git. We are releasing from our new code structures, including public GitHub repositories. As part of this process:

  • The code base was split into smaller projects that produce intermediate artifacts with their own versioning.
  • The naming of the artifacts changed. The top-level artifacts include "community" to clarify that they are open source (the proprietary artifacts include "content-services" in their names).
  • The Early Access artifacts are built from a separate POM that includes an EA in the names.



Instances of Alfresco Content Services sends a "heartbeat" status report that Alfresco Software uses to make decisions about those products. We have been improving the heartbeat to report more detailed information so that we can evolve the product in ways that provide the most value to our customers. As part of this process, we are including the new heartbeat in Alfresco Community Edition so that we can better understand how our open source users interact with the product. This will allow us to include the needs of our open source community in our decision making, and better measure the value of our investment in our open source products.


The new heartbeat service will replace the previous "Tracking Pixel" method of Community Edition Usage TrackingIt adds a global property "heartbeat.enabled" which is currently set to false and disables the heartbeat functionality.


Over the long term, we plan to make this information available to the administrators of Alfresco Community Edition so that they can better understand the usage of their repositories.


Improved REST APIs

New Endpoints (since ACS 5.2.1 and Alfresco Community Edition 201707) include:

  • Audit
    • GET /audit-applications   -   List audit applications
    • GET /audit-applications/{auditApplicationId}   -   Get audit application info
    • PUT /audit-applications/{auditApplicationId}   -   Update audit application info
    • GET /audit-applications/{auditApplicationId}/audit-entries   -   List audit entries for an audit application
    • DELETE /audit-applications/{auditApplicationId}/audit-entries   -   Permanently delete audit entries for an audit application
    • GET /audit-applications/{auditApplicationId}/audit-entries/{auditEntryId}   -   Get audit entry
    • DELETE /audit-applications/{auditApplicationId}/audit-entries/{auditEntryId}   -   Permanently delete an audit entry
    • GET /nodes/{nodeId}/audit-entries   -   List audit entries for a node
  • Avatar
    • GET /people/{personId}/avatar   -   Get avatar image
    • PUT /people/{personId}/avatar   -   Update avatar image
    • DELETE /people/{personId}/avatar   -   Delete avatar image


Alfresco Share

Search Services


Records Management

Alfresco Developer Framework






Feature Removals

Due to concerns about protocol security, it is likely that future releases will remove CIFS/SMBv1 and NTLMv1. For more details see: Moving from SMB to WebDAV.


Release Notes

Unreleased Alfresco Community Edition 201709 EA

Alfresco Community Edition 201711 EA

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