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The article: #Alfresco Rules 

  •      Rules overview
  •       Rule Actions
  •       Setting a Rule


      .Rules overview:

In the library you can define content rules to manage your content automatically. You can come up with many creative solutions to make sure specific content processes are automated all without you having to do the work yourself.

Rules dictate how content entering, leaving, or currently residing in a folder is managed.

  •     Rule actions:

There are lots of default actions available when you set a rule in Alfresco .

Selected actions are performed on content that meet the criteria of the event and conditions that you've selected.

Actions don't apply to files in sub-folders, unless the Rule applies to sub-folders option is selected before a rule is created.

  •      Some Action examples:

  •           Setting a Rule:

    1.Hover over a folder with no rules applied and click More then Manage Rules

    2.Click Create Rules

    3.Enter a name and a description (optional) for the rule

    4.Select when the rule will be triggered:

    •        Items are created or enter this folder: The rule will be applied to content that gets added to this folder
    •        Items are updated: When an item in this folder is modified, the rule will be applied to it
    •        Items are deleted or leave this folder: The rule will be applied to content that is moved out of the folder or deleted

    5.Select if the rule will be applied If all criteria are met, Unless all criteria are met, or both

                 6.Select the rule action you want performed when the conditions are met

                 7.Select additional options:

  •       Disable rule: Switch off the rule.
  •       Rule applies to subfolders: Apply the rule to this folder and all its subfolders
  •       Run rule in background: Lets you continue working while the rule is running

                 8.Click Create, or Create and Create Another to save this rule and start creating another.



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