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Nowadays most of the application around the world are moving in a transformation where everything is in a container. Docker is now a buzzword and almost every software is possible to find on Docker hub. As ADF team we started the development of the framework since the beginning taking advantages of Docker.


If you want to try to execute the demo shell code of ADF you are most probably thinking about to download the code from GitHub, install dependencies from NPM and start the project. 

The good news is that there is a simple way if you want just try the latest and good things.


Demo shell with Docker


You can start the demo shell with only one command using Docker from your command line:

If you don't have docker already installed in your environment maybe you want before visit this link Install Docker | Docker Documentation 

docker run -it --rm --name demo-shel -p 80:80 alfresco/demo-shell:development


After that, you run this command you should have in your shell something similar to:



At this point open in your browser http://localhost/login to reach the demo shell.


Note this docker image doesn not contai the Content services and the Process services services. This image contain only the Demo shell client part


In order to make it works with your CS/PS you need to bring up your services on the following ports:

  • Activiti Enterprise Edition (running on port 9999).
  • Alfresco Community Edition (running on port 8080).

This Docker image already provides a CORS filter so you don't need to configure it.


Demo shell docker tag strategy

As you can guess from the last part of the command in this way you are using the last demo shell present in the development branch. What if you want to use another version. Docker hub support tags and we have in our demo shell docker repo the following tag startegy:


  • ADF Development Branch [Not Stable] ( alfresco/demo-shell:development)
  • ADF Master Branch (alfresco/demo-shell:master)
  • ADF latest build [Not stable] (alfresco/demo-shell:latest)
  • Version specific tag has been introduced since 2.1.0 ADF version (alfresco/demo-shell:2.1.0)



Example content app with Docker


If you are wondering if we are followed the same strategy also for the alfresco content app the answer is YES.

You can start the alfresco content app with the following command:


docker run -it --rm --name demo -p 80:80 alfresco/alfresco-content-app:development


At this point open in your browser http://localhost/login to reach the content app.


ACA app




Before to leave I want to give you some links that maybe you can find usefull:



If you have more questions, please reply here or contact us using gitter

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