Digital Signing

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Digital Signing

Developed by Emmanuel ROUX

Alfresco Digital Signing plugin

  • Digital sign documents with certificate
    • Sign PDF document
    • Sign XML files in two modes : embedded or on dedicated XML file
    • Sign all documents transformable in PDF (the plugin first converts document in PDF)
    • Sign multiple documents in one action (action on selected doculents)
    • Pre filled fields
      • Contact
      • Location
    • Possibility to add signature
      • All pages
      • First page
      • Last page
      • Even pages
      • Odd pages
    • Possibility to place the signature
        • At the middle of the page
        • At the top right of the page
        • At the top left of the page
        • At the bottom right of the page
        • At the bottom left of the page
        • Custom position (enter X and Y positions)
        • In a field (for PDF editable with named field)
  • Add the signature picture (or not) (for example the hand signature picture)


  • User dashboard dashlet to :
      • View the signature information (with certificate status)
      • Create or modify the signature (certificate and picture) : the key file is encrypted and protected with a random secret key
      • View all signed documents with filters on
          • The person who has signed the document
            • Current user
            • All users
            • All users without current user
          • The signature date
            • In the last 7 days
            • In the last 14 days
            • In the last 28 days
      • Digital sign via Share interface
          • "Popin" to enter all signing informations
      • Digital sign via calling Web Script (URL : POST /api/digitalSigning/sign)
        • Use case example : called by a remote application
      • Digital sign via JavaScript API (API name : digitalSigning)
        • Use case example : sign a document during a workflow step
      • Digital sign via JavaScript action(Action name : DigitalSigning)
        • Use case example : automatically sign a document when document are added in a folder (content rule)
      • Signing indicator

    Available language

    • English
    • French
    • Spanish


    • Alfresco Community 4.0+
    • Alfresco Enterprise 4.0+


    Alfresco and Share AMPs.
    OwnerEmmanuel Roux

    Community 4.0.x

    Community 4.2.x

    Community 5.0.x

    Community 5.1.x

    Enterprise 4.0.x

    Enterprise 4.1.x

    Enterprise 4.2.x

    Enterprise 5.0.x

    Enterprise 5.1.x

    Enterprise 5.2.x

    License TypeCreative Commons by-nc-sa
    Project PageGitHub - rouxemmanuel/DigitalSigning: Digital Signing Alfresco plugin 
    Download PageHome · rouxemmanuel/DigitalSigning Wiki · GitHub 
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    Extension PointsJava Service Class, Javascript Root Scope Object, Scheduled Job, Web Script, Share Action, Share Document Library Action, Share Site Dashlet
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