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Collection of useful fixes, patches and extensions for Alfresco packaged as an installable AMP file. The intention is to collect useful work done by the community and make the code easier available for users of Alfresco providing a pre packaged installable module.


Done FIX: Internet Explorer 11: Support SharePoint Online Edit with IE11 for 4.2eCE


FIX: Internet Explorer 11: IE11 Support for Flash Previewer detection


FIX: Internet Explorer 11: Allows to login to Share with IE11 to 4.2cCE/4.2eCE


DEPLOYMENT: Sharepoint protocol (SPP): simpler deployment for SPP Provides a custom jetty connector to allow proper protocol (http or https) delegation from a fronting reverse proxy via the header X-Forwared-Proto. This removes the requirement to do complicated jetty SSL configuration.


Todos and whishlist


DEVELOPMENT: Add the import(...) feature for JavaScript imports. This has the huge benefit over the Alfresco style imports done with by not breaking syntax correctness of JavaScript. Further line numbers in error messages point to the correct line and will make debugging a lot easier, which is not the case with the Alfresco style imports. Provided by AFaust at


DEPLOYMENT: Remove the hidden tracking pixel. It should be clear to users what kind of data is transmitted.