Alfresco Community Edition 6.1

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In this document you can find a summary of the changes introduced into Alfresco Content Services Community Edition in version 6.1. The purpose of this document is to track in one place all the enhancements, deprecations and main/minor changes of the 6.1 line of releases. The goal is to be more transparent with the external eco-system of Developers, Customers, Partners and Prospects in general, considering that the Community Edition releases contain the latest features that will be inherited in the future Enterprise Release of Alfresco Content Services.


As you probably know, the Alfresco Content Services Community Edition (try to) follow a monthly release (mostly in Early Access) and once (or twice) a year a General Availability release. In this document you can find all the list of releases related to version 6.1. 



What's new in Alfresco Content Services Community Edition 6.1


This page lists the new features added to Alfresco Content Services Community Edition during the 6.1 line of releases. Release bundles are named for the month they were generated, and may contain components from different versions of the product.


Anonymous usage metrics

Additional data points have been added to existing data collector since last Alfresco Community Edition 201806 GA Release. These metrics are sent every 24 hours and include: version information, numbers of users and groups, numbers of models, aspects and types, whether smart folders are enabled or not as well as the JVM total, max and free memory size. On the receiving side, we detect the country where the data is sent from, but we do not store the IP address of reports coming from our open source products.

  1. acs.repository.configuration -> REPO-3597
  2. -> REPO-3594
  3. acs.repository.usage.system -> REPO-3595
  4. acs.repository.renditions -> REPO-3681
  5. acs.repository.usage.sessions -> REPO-3599

Release notes


Below you can find the list of all the available release notes for the line of release 6.1 of Alfresco Content Services Community Edition.


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