DevCon 2019 Presentations

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Here are links to the presentations and presenters from DevCon 2019. 


Alfresco Process Services/Activiti 


Process Services: Our First ExperienceJudith Stoef
The Future of Activiti Cloud OSSMauricio SalatinoThe future of Activiti Cloud @ DevCon 2019 
Anatomy of an APS2 ApplicationMarcello Teodori & Vito Albano
Real World GitOps w. APSDoug Johnson & Igor Dianov
From APS 1.0 to APS 2.0: Designed for the CloudMario Romano
A Whirlwind Tour of Activiti CloudRyan DawsonWhirlwind tour of Activiti 7 by Ryan Dawson 


Alfresco Content Services


Performance Tools of the TradeLuis Colorado
ACS in the Global Information Services CompanyIgor Ignatov & Dhar Balwani
Upgrading to Alfresco 6: The Short History of the Long RoadAngel BorroyUpgrading to Alfresco 6 
Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud: Tales from the FrontlineSrikant Varadarajan
Leveraging Alfresco's Features & Flexibility for Innovative Solutions in Niche-Market PublishingQing Gou
Alfresco: The Treasure Chest of all ERP Financial DocumentsJoerg Lorenz
Transforming Transformers for ACS 6.1 and BeyondJan Vonka
Moving from Actions and Behaviors to MicroservicesJeff PottsMoving From Actions & Behaviors to Microservices 
Architectural Changes in the Repo in 6.1 & Beyond
ASCPedia: A Hybrid Approach to Virtual Pathology

Ron Swan

Bidirectional Sync to Other PlatformsDavid Miller
Using Alfresco, Disrupting the Way Education is Delivered in SchoolsShoeb Sarguroh
Interaxo: A Journey to Cloud NativeAsgeir FrimannssonAlfresco DevCon 2019: Interaxo - A journey to Cloud Native 


Application Development Framework


Creating a Custom Search Application using ADF on OpenShiftMitchell Brodsky & Patrick Crownover
Take Control! Custom Stencils in ADFmgrunenbergTake Control! Custom Stencils in ADF
Let's Play with ADF 3.0Eugenio RomanoLet's play with adf 3.0 
Our 1st ADF Project in Production: The StoryHans De Bal
What if we put the end user in the middle?Kasper Reijnders
A Path from Share to ADFDavid Webster
The Rise of ADFFrancesco Corti & Mario Romano
Where do I sign? Right on the line! AKA Extending Alfresco Workspace with DocusignBindu Wavell
Extensibility for ADF ApplicationsDenys VuikaExtensibility for ADF applications 


Digital Business Platform


The DBP Builder ExperienceRay Gauss
Alfresco DBP on EKSGavin Cornwell & Morris Singer
Develop Fast, Deploy Faster: Discover APS Low-Code Advantages and Reduce Your Development LifecycleMiguel Sanchez
The Alfresco Event GatewayJamal Kaabi
Developing on KubernetesSergiu Vidrascu
Alfresco Identity Services in ActionFrancesco Corti
Azure Devops & Alfresco DBPCiju Joseph
PostgreSQL Holds the Rhythm of the Alfresco PlatformBoriss Mejias
Alfresco Modeling ApplicationAndras Popovics
GDPR WatchdogLuis Cabaceira & Vítor Moreira




Best Practices for DIY Alfresco SecurityShea Nangle
Encryption at-rest and in-transit: Survival Guide with ADBPToni de la FuenteAlfresco DevCon 2019: Encryption at-rest and in-transit 


Alfresco Governance Services


Governance of the FutureRoss Gale & Sara Aspery


Lightning Talks


Less Testing, Better QualityAndrei Ciubotaru
The Alfresco Fat JAR ExperimentAxel FaustAlfresco Devcon 2019 - Lightning Talk - The Alfresco fat JAR experime… 
Drums, Guitar, Bass: How the Alfresco Community Relates to MusicBoriss Mejias
Alfresco REST API: Explore, Conquer, and ExtendCharles Le Seac'h
What is the Alfresco Heartbeat?Francesco Corti
The Future of AuthenticationCodrin Chirica
The Transform GraphLucian Tuca
10 Tips Every New Developer in Alfresco Should KnowAngel Borroy10 Tips Every New Developer in Alfresco Should Know 
The Alfresco Community and the Transit of VenusBoriss Mejias
How to Track Users' Activity without using Audit FunctionKaz Kono
Smart Alfresco ECM Program Strategy for Your New Success StoryPiergiorgio LucidiSmart Alfresco ECM Program Strategy for Your New Success Story 
How We Brought Advanced HTML5 Viewing to ADFSean Graham
How to Write Alfresco Addons that Last ForeverAngel BorroyHow to Write Alfresco Addons that Last Forever 
An ADF Rendezvous with ReactJS (Sorry Angular!)mgrunenbergAn ADF Rendezvous with ReactJS (Sorry Angular!)
Portal & Content Services Revisited: Alfresco-Liferay IntegrationMikel Asla
Alfresco ADF Anti-PatternsCiju Joseph
Leveraging Ephesoft & Alfresco to Match Document with the StudentSuresh Joshee
Not-so-smart Folder Made SmarterAxel FaustAlfresco Devcon 2019 - Lightning Talk - Not-so-smart folders made sma… 
Porting a Custom Transformer to the New Transform ServiceAlan Davis
Bulk Export UtilityRichard McKnight
Innovation and Governance Services: Automated FilingTom Page
Unsupervised Text CategorizationStefan Kopf
Using Alfresco: Disrupting the Way Education is Delivered in SchoolsShoeb Sarguroh
Peltas: Get Insights on Your Alfresco DataDaniel GradecakPeltas - get insights on your Alfresco data 
Incremental Version History, or How to Version Only those Node Elements that ChangedBartosz Skotarek
Delivering Faster with T-Shaped PeopleRoxana Lucanu-Ghetu