Customize your Alfresco Dashboard by PLUS YOUR SOFTECH BUSINESS

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  •      Overview on Customizing the Dashboard
  •      Customizing Dashboard permissions
  •      Steps to customize your Dashboard
  • Customizing the Dashboard :

You can customize your personal dashboard to suit your requirements by changing the layout of your dashboard and choose from a number of dashlets to show the information you want to see.

  1.     My Activities, My Documents, and My Tasks : 

These dashlets have filters that let you customize the activities they display. You may find it useful to add each of these dashlets more than once and then, on the dashboard, configure each instance to display different information.

  •        Customizing Dashboard permissions:
  •           Modify the dashboard appearance
  •           Select the personal dashlets to appear in your dashboard
  •           Configure the display order of the selected dashlets
  •         Steps to customize your Dashboard:

    1.Click on the icon to start customizing your dashboard

    2.Click Change Layout

    3.Select a layout

    4.Click Add Dashlets to select your dashlet

    5.Drag and drop dashlets from the Add Dashlets section onto the columns below

    6.Select whether to show or hide the Get Started Panel

    7.Click on OK to save the dashboard configuration



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